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Friday, March 5, 2010

05 March 2010~

In a blink of an eye, February is over, and here comes March. This just obviously means that all Form 5 girls this year has just gotten one step closer to SPM~ time does fly REALLY fast, right? I try to look back at all the times I've spent on doing everything from the beginning of the year until now, I realized that I've wasted quite a ton of time doing unnecessary stuff instead of studying, and when I say studying, I mean studying CONSTANTLY, not as in study only when there's exams around the corner.....haizz....now I know how it feels to be an SPM candidate who is studying in the top class in school and is treated like the jewel of the school and yet I don't feel it at all......OwO

Moving on......
Tomorrow (06 March 2010) is my school's annual sports day....so excited!!!!! Despite not officially involved in anything this year, I still hope there's hope for me to get out from the students' seatings to go walk around and snapping pics....it is our last year in SMP after all, so I really want to capture the moments of my final year here in SMP!!!!! Sweet sweet moments should last for a lifetime!!! I don't care what the discipline states. I just wanna have fun snapping photos of everyone and every precious moments even if it costs my life!!!!!!! (as if......*gets smacked by my own self consiousness.....*) Okay!!!! Okay!!!! Haizz.....maybe I'll ask one of the Photography Club members who'll be on duty tomorrow to take pics for me using my camera.....still fair, rite? I don't have to risk myself getting killed for bringing a camera around but I'll still be getting pics of sweet moments of my last year in high school....^w^

Speaking of which.......I wanna go out with Hana-taichou tomorrow to snap more memorable pics after sports day~ but I still dunno how to plan with her, since I don't even know what time she'll be arriving to school tomorrow, and I also don't even know what time am I gonna reach to school tomorrow~ yor.....make people feel so damn stressed one....can't we even snap photos for our last year in high school?? What an inconsiderate school.......but trust me, even if the teachers do not allow us to leave the students' seatings area, by the end of the day, everyone would pretend as if they never heard that announcement before, go ahead and ignore everything. Hmm.......I wonder if I can be one of  those who would pretend that they never heard of the teachers mentioning that before.......I wish I could....hate to be crowded with thousands of students who just seems to be more annoying than ever when you're trying to concentrate on the sports event and they just don't seem to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! >:(

That's the sole reason why I just hate to sit in that area....and also the sole reason why I'd always find an activity to do so that I can avoid myself from cramming in that small (not to mention so damn HOT!!!!!!!) area with 2000 other students.....ARGHH!!! Suddenly I miss to join cheerleading....(which actually is for the sake of....okay, I don't wanna repeat my reason again....XD)

Hmm....anyways.....if all doesn't go according to my plan tomorrow, I'll just see what'll happen...for the sake of enjoying my last year in high school, I'll still do whatever it takes to get the opportunity to snap pics with my camera!!!!!!!!! Photography club members, please be nice people and help me take pics tomorrow if I can't escape my fate from sitting in that crowded area....please please PLEEEAAAAAAAAASSSEEEEEEE?????????????????????????????? My jyuudaime wants to see it too............*sobs*

Well.....I wanna upload pics to my FB page now.....my trip to the Philippines....haha...to speak about coincidence, Michelle went to Thailand a week after I came back from the Philippines...XDD

Hope everything will go as how I planned tomorrow~ :3

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