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Sunday, March 7, 2010

08 March 2010~

"Days passed by as always. Second by second ticks away on the clock, passing by us without being noticed at all. As the seconds go past us, it'll never come back for us. It'll never turn back to give us a second chance to undo what we've done. Once it's gone, it'll be gone forever. So why are there still so many people who ignore this fact and still waste time on something that'll be a matter of cutting off another minute of their precious life doing stupid things? It's just a matter of time before those ignorant ones would realize that it's just all too late..." _Yukino-chan_

Hehe...just to test on my essay skills. Wonder if it is okay. I just wrote without even knowing if there's any meaning to it...XD

So anyway...I couln't go online last night due to some connection problems. But thank God today I can go online and share about what happened on Sports Day yesterday.

It started out with me waking up late, at 5.45 am, when my Hana-taichou is coming to pick me up at 6.30 am. I jumped out from bed and got ready. By 6.45 am, Hana-taichou and I were already at school. Thanx to her mom who fetched me to school early. Hehe...didn't wanted to cram in the school bus with the afternoon session girls...

After the teacher took attendance, all the students move to the field. I was one of the last ones to go to the field as I had to handle the PA system in the Bilik Pengetua. (Busy busy me....) Surprisingly, I managed to get pass the prefects without being noticed and I ran straight to the Rumah Tanjung tent without having any pass. Sneaky~ XD

Best part of the whole day: I got to take pics without being noticed that I wasn't wearing any pass (Photography Club pass, Sidang Ridaksi pass) to take pictures. But, the prefects didn't give a damn about it and just ignored me. Hehe~~ XD The pics will be posted up soon. The dumb lappie wouldn't listen to me and didn't wanted to help me upload the pics into my facebook....*Whacks laptop*

Caught the video of the top 3 winners of this year's Cheer competition. These are the results of the Cheer competition
1st place: Rumah Kenanga @ Blue house
2nd place: Rumah Tanjung @ Red house
3rd place: Rumah Mawar @ Orange house
4th place: Rumah Cempaka @ Green house
5th place: Rumah Melati @ Yellow house
Last place: Rumah Anggerik @ Purple house

I'll upload the video on YouTube or Facebook when I have the chance...^w^

 Very proud of my beloved Rumah Tanjung although they didn't win first place. Second place is great enough to prove that RED IS THE BEST!!!! Congrats to Rumah Kenanga anyway for dominating the whole Sports Day. Awesome performance from every single perspective. Great job to AI HUEY for successfully leading Rumah Kenanga to victory once again this year. BEST RUMAH KENANGA CAPTAIN I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!! Not only she's the captain of Rumah Kenanga, she's also the Olahragawati of the Year (dunno how many medals she swept this year...) and cheerleader of Kenanga. In the video, she's the one in the middle who did the mid-air sommersault. So much for being the wushu club president...XDD

Overall result placings for this year's Sports Day:
Last place: Rumah Anggerik @ Purple house
5th place: Rumah Melati @ Yellow house
4th place: Rumah Tanjung @ Red house
3rd place: Rumah Mawar @ Orange house
2nd place: Rumah Cempaka @ Green house

CHAMPION!!!!!: Rumah Kenanga @ Blue house

Rumah Kenanga bagging as this year's champion is not a surprise. What makes everyone surprised is that Rumah Cempaka came in SECOND!!!! It was a really unexpected result!!! So next year, Kenanga should really watch out for Cempaka. They don't know what's waiting in store for them~ XD 

Although my beloved Tanjung is in 4th place, but it's okay as I know all of us have tried our best. Well, to be honest, really gotta blame on those who didn't come for Latihan Rumah Sukan and Sukan Tara. Attendance contribute points, you know!!!

Note to all Tanjung girls: Don't cry if our Tanjung didn't win, because it's your own fault for not cooperating with everyone!!!

But, hey, it's only the first year for the form one girls. They still have a long way to go. You'll never know in a few years' time, Tanjung will emerge as the CHAMPION!!!! Beating reigning power house, Kenanga down~ WAY DOWN!!!!!!

Anyway...I'll be looking forward to next year's Sports Day. Hopefully Tanjung will do their best to take it to the top!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! (Hehe....retired Tanjung cheerleader here..... >w<)

Oyasumi~~ ^w^ *snores*

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