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Saturday, March 13, 2010

13 March 2010, Saturday

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Didn't thought of writing my blog tonight, since now is already 2.20am, 14 March 2010, Sunday....hehehe.....dunno why....very sleepy but can't fall asleep....so I think that's why I just randomly thought of writing my blog...XD

Anywayz...I feel so glad that I actually sacrificed my usual weekend sleeping time and went to school for the Physics extra class. Okay, maybe I was a few minutes late, but at least I got something. XD
The topic today was Form 4, Chapter 5: Light...since last year, En.Mazzreemie didn't teach on that topic with FULL DETAIL, so I totally flunked in that chapter...thanx to En.Hussaini today, I finally understood what I used to not understand last year. Honestly, En. Hussaini is really a great Physics teacher. I surprisingly can understand everything that he taught, coz he teaches in a fun way that makes us easier to understand even the hardest concepts. Thank God the school finally decides to change our Physics teacher to En. Hussaini, or I'll be failing my Physics in SPM for sure..... O.Olll

The class that started at 8am ended at 10am. So, right after that, since I didn't ate breakfast before I left for school, so I ran all the way to Mutiara to buy some sandwich and eat it before I take the bus home. After that, rested at home for a while before my mom brought me and my younger sis out for breakfast~

About 3:30pm or so, I started to have this really painful feeling in my stomach, in simpler language, stomach pain~ I have nausea and felt like removing my bowel, but when I went to the toilet, nothing came out. So I took a nap (while still in pain). After I woke up, the pain eased a little, but it still hurts, until now as well....dunno what caused it...I think it was because of the sandwich that I ate in the morning....man, it feels as if there's a pair of hands squeezing and pulling my stomach.....*lies down on bed in pain*

I miss Iloilo all of a sudden, coz back then while we were there, it was also a holiday...I can imagine myself there...riding on the kerbau (YES!!!!), playing at the paddy field.....sweet sweet memories.....really wish I could go back there at the nearest time possible....

Just went on an exploration to everyone's blog...most of them are about GACC....TTwTT....that reminds me of how much I really want to go to GACC but the diagnostics are on the same week...plus, it's in Malacca, which obviously states that my mom and dad would NEVER EVER allow me to go....haihhh.......life is just so darn miserable sometimes.....when a happy stuff comes, a bad stuff comes along as well to ruin everything...and plus, all the cosplay events would always clash with any school events......best example was last year C2AGE, GACC and DaiCon.......only managed to go to DaiCon, that one also I lari from school to there without my mom knowing....bad bad gurl~~XDD

~...wanna sleep now...~
Oh, thanx to Potter @ my Judaime for dropping a line on my page~ I appreciate it!! ^w^
Coz usually the person that I know who drops my at my page everytime is my taichou @ Hanatsu...^^

Oyasumi, minna~~~
*sleeps on laptop keyboard*

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