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Sunday, February 7, 2010

07 Feb 2010~ d(^w^)b

Okay....so let's start the day with not being able to go to church today....again~ *sobs* Why, you may ask? Well....Frances came back late from taekwondo class today...haihhh....but, what to do....too late ady....GYAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Moving on....went to Hartamas Shopping Centre today....no where to go but there, as usual..XD missed that place a lot though, since we haven't been there for quite some time...oh, there was an awesome Lion Dance performance while we were there~ there was a black-gold lion, a gold lion and a silver @ white lion, or as I call it, Besta [P.S: Xanxus's Box Weapon~~ XD] They were really kawaiii!!!!!! I would've definitely hugged it if they were REAL lions!!!!!!! Anyway.....bought new pens and liquid paper since I ran out of it just LAST WEEK....


Finally!!!!!! Countdown 4 days to go 'til I'm finally going back to Philipphines for the first time in my life!!!!!! I've been to my half hometown before, which is in Grik, Perak....never before in my life I've been to my other half hometown, which is Iloilo, Philipphines....SO DARN EXCITED!!!!!!!!

*Looks at mountain pile high of homeworks* OH SHOOT!!!! HOMEWORKS!!!! GOTTA DO IT NOW!!!!
*runs off*

Matta ne, minna~ (^w^)V

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