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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 Feb 2010....

After a long tiring day at school, I finally get to sit down and blog!!!! :3

Ahh...so to begin with.....

Hana-taichou....you don't have to hide from me already lar....I saw your beloved Hanzu already lar!!!! *evil laughs*
But we're just good friends, so don't think something else, ok? XDD
Besides....I have my Lambo-san ady lor....

anywayz....update on my cosplay plans with Hana-taichou....
We'll be doing Vocaloid first this year~~ whee~~~ she'll be my Mikuo and I'll be her Miku....magnet version...she also said she wanna be my Sebby~~ X3 KHR?? hmm.....leave it for CF10...still so long to go...XDD

oh, about yesterday....
mentang-mentang yesterday is Hari Wilayah, everyone "attacked" the Sultan Azlan Shah airport imigration....we waited for a good SIX HOURS just to submit out form to apply for passport....GYAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! There was like, more than literally 1000 people who crammed inside the room of only twice the size of my classroom....I saw the same people for that six long hours....six hours? That's like, the exact same amount of time that a typical student spends in school!!! (unless they ponteng, of course...XDD)  but, it was worth the wait....after finally getting to submit the forms and all the process, we finally can balik rumah and pengsan on the bed~ didn't get to go online coz damn tired......slept like a baby and I didn't want to wake up this morning...XDD

Now...to one of my biggest issue in rumah sukan this year....can anyone tell me if i shud re-join cheer for this year?? Coz after what I've been through in form 3, i'm kinda traumatised on the whole event...>< haha.....thou i love cheerleading, but i think what i've been through was too tough....><

Haha....I think today I became rather close with a couple of my friends....Hanzu (Hana-taichou, don't kamikorosu me!!!!), Xajin, Hikari, Francis Aki, and so much more.... :3
They're make very good friends once I get to know them better....^w^

Ah well....i think i'm gonna settle a score with a particular  person first....[that person.....if you read this post, you should know what I mean, rite??? KAMIKOROSU!!!!! *bites bites*]

Naa.....now I gotta prepare for dinner and finish homework...and also plan my budget for my cosplay this year and May'n's concert~ MAY'N!!!!!!!!! I LUV YOU!!!!!!

now....OFF TO WHAT I'M GONNA DO NEXT!!!!!!!!

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