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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

08 June 2010~

Currently listening to:
>Kufufu no Fu - Rokudo Mukuro starring Toshinobu Iida (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)
>Suberidai - Mori Tsubasa (Katekyo Hitman Reborn ED)
>OMG - Usher (heck, I have no idea why am I listening to this song~~)
>Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus

>A Little Pain - Olivia (Nana ED)

Hey ya!!!
Got too caught up with my other blog writing fanfics that I didn't had the time to update my blog~

Okay, today we are celebrating the birthday of the ultimate illusionist in Katekyo Hitman Reborn,
ROKUDO MUKURO!!!!!!!!!!!
*Holds up the sign board with the word "APPLAUSE"*

Listening to his character song, "Kufufu no Fu" to celebrate his birthday~ XD

Don't ask me how old is he, coz seriously, no one in this whole world knows how old is he, rite?
Unless you lived through with him and went to hell six times like he did~xD lolololollll....

Woke up PUREETAY early this morning to continue my story that I suspended at 4am the same morning...hohoho, I sound crazy rite? but it's serious...I slept 3 hours only before I woke up to continue writing my story, the one entitled "One Look Into The Past -chapter one-". The story actually happened in a short while, but I blabbered too much which caused it to become freakishingly long~
So...don't hesitate to pay a visit to my second blog, http://fanfictions-by-yukino.blogspot.com/ to check out some of the stories I've written so far.
And if you have some time, do drop off some comments or reviews in the comment box of the respective stories, okay?
Since I'm just a beginner in this, please be honest when giving me your review, but I'm BEG you to NOT be cruel, okay? Not everyone is perfect all the time~

Okay, so, since this morning, I have been YouTube surfing in search of some awesome Katekyo Hitman Reborn cosplays. I found tons of 'em, but only a few was really da bomb!
And guess what~
The "da bomb" ones are all...
YAOI versions!!!!!

Ohh....... *faints*

*wakes up again*

Well...gotta admit that ALL of the cosplayers that did the KHR yaoi version were SERIOUSLY HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!!!!! Oh. Mai. Gawd. I was literally drooling when I saw them...especially the Dino cosplayer in both the D18 pairing vids that I love most. Wow, I was like.... *w* the whole time when I was watching the vid coz the cosplayer was reelie reelie HAWT TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But, I was kinda....jealous (YESH!! JEALOUS!!!) when I was watching the D18 pairing cosplays coz they look so...nice together.....*slaps myself* okay, gotta get a grip of myself...

Well....maybe the only time when I can make my dream come true is when we (Hanatsu, Kaede, Michiru and I) officially launch our Katekyo Hitman Reborn Private Project soon, maybe after SPM. Until then, I shall take Dino together in my dreams so I can be with him in my dreams... (OH NOES!! I'M TALKING CRAP AGAIN!!!!!!!! QAQ *SHOOTS MYSELF*)

Here are some of the awesome Katekyo Hitman Reborn cosplay vids that I found today. Out of more than 30 videos that I've gone through, these are the few ones that actually worked really well and reached my expectations. Some of them are chosen based on their awesome cosplay and some of them are chosen based on storylines which attracts me.

Blogger's foreword: I do not own any of the videos whose links are shared here. All the videos belong to each of its respective owners. All songs also do not belong to me nor the owner of the vids. All songs belong to their respective artists.

So, here they are~!!!!!!!!!!

First up....
Title: Reborn - HibaTsuna 1827 pocky game
Uploaded by: Miyukiko
My review: HECK!!! All 1827 cosplay pairings should make this as a tradition!!!! Imagine...all the awesomest 1827 cosplayers doing this as their photoshoot...it'll be TOTALLY WOW!!!!!!!!! 1827 pairing FTW!!!!!!

Title: Gokudera's Tea Party. KHR . A*K
Uploaded by: AstrixKOZPLAY
My review: So...Gokudera still has his childish nature in him...that he's still doing tea parties~~ XD
Love the part when he had the catfight with Mukuro and Mukuro slapped him till he fell flat on the floor~ XD

Next up...
Uploaded by: KanameHime
Background song: "Planetarium" - Ai Ohtsuka
My review: Yesh...Read the word "Hard" !!!! HECK!!!! They're simply awesome!!! Oh, HANATSU!!! Don't watch this if you don't wanna get jealous and go on a rampage...>w<
Truth to be told, with cosplayers as hot as them, doing a yaoi of YamaDera is WOW~

Title: YamaSqualo cosplay @ KHR
Uploaded by: PervertAlien
Background song: "Come As You Are" - Nirvana
My review: Uhh....odd couple much?? But they make the possibility of the pairing to be so...should I say great?? XD hahax, but imagine if Squalo was to really do that to Yamamoto, I bet Lussuria would come and kill the both of 'em~whoa, big chaos, eh?

Title: [ORIGINAL] KHR- YamaGoku, 8059 "Even if the Sky is Falling Down"
Uploaded by: DarkSilentNight101
Background song: "Down" - Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
My review: Oh. My. GOSH!!! Why are all these cosplayers so hot??? And heck!!! The background song fits perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! Say, Hanatsu...don't you dare click the link if you don't want me to die early...

Uploaded by: KanameHime
My review: tons of conderably hard yaoi content...I gotta say that the cosplayers are friggin daring to do all the "ahem" stuff so openly...and wow...this just gave me the idea on what to do for my part of my photoshoot for my KHR Private Project~~ *w*

*looks left and right*
Uploaded by: KanameHime
Background song: "I Remember You" - YUI
My review: Read the word "Sweet"~ XD this one is considerably much decent than the above one, although they have the bath tub scene and the bed scene~but it's, yea, more decent~maybe this type of photoshooting will work ~

hmm....guess this is all~~
Hope you'll enjoy the vids~
And, tell me what you think of the vids too~
Drop your comment in my Cbox~

Almost time for me to go to my slumberland~
So...this is your KHR fanatic blogger, Yukino~


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