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Monday, June 21, 2010

21 June 2010 - Vocaloid || School Memoir June Photoshoot report

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Ahh....I miss my blog....been 13 days since I last updated you...
guess coz I was busy with my fanfiction that I wrote and saved in my thumbdrive~~ *w*
Yesh, I could work on 3 stories at the same time and not feel anything at all, HEHE~ coz I want everything to be settled out naaa~~~

Today I would like to share my experience on my FIRST TIME EVER cosplaying and doing a photoshoot!!!! *w*
Oh, this was really a dream come true~~

You can check out all the pics that we took the whole day in my Facebook profile, go check it out!!!! <3

I will use pictoral report form like I always do, to report on my fun day~~ XD

And so...I BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!

First stop: Kuala Lumpur Train Station (near Dataran Merdeka)
Miku-chan balancing on the railway track~

Miku turns around, and the photographer goes "ka-CHEEK"!! <3

Kaito is looking at something wayyyy up high~~~~

Hohohooo~~ the epic shot of the day~
I call it....
Double-shot Kaito bang-on-the-wall~

Kaito: Mirror mirror in my hand, who's the most handsome Vocaloid on the land.....

Our group photo!!!!!
Oh, the little wordings are some simple biodata of the Vocaloids in the school version~


There's a scandal going on behind Kaito's back and yet he pretends as if nothing is going on....@@

Kaito: ??? (turns around)
Miku and Mikuo: (pretends like nothing is going on)

The edited version of the picture~ :3
cute, eh?? XD

Read the conversation and you'll know what's going on~~ XD

Fuuuuuu~~~ everyone is feeling tired and hungry while we are waiting for the train to go to Midvalley~~

Yesh....Kaito ish jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3

Next stop: MPH Bookstore, Midvalley Megamall

Mikuo and Kaito reading the book in the library~~~

Miku walking towards the guys as she reads a book~~

Miku: Hey, look!!! Isn't this dog cute??
Mikuo: Aww....it's so damn CUTE!!!!! Really, really cute.....(referring to....uhh...you know~)
Kaito: Really...? I don't think so....

Miku: *angry* You are mean~~~
Kaito: O.O|||

Location: MidValley Megamall - The Gardens Skywalk bridge

I have your back and you have mine~

Kaito, Mikuo and Miku admiring the scenery~~~~

Nice spot to hide from the sun...
Miku: I think I just saw a Ferrari pass by~~~

Triangle love relationship between Miku, Mikuo and Kaito....

Kaito: I will get Miku for my own~~

Second group photo!!!!!!
Notice that we're standing according to our heights~~ XD

Miku: Sshhh....my little brother is sleeping~~

Everyone said that this was my best shot out of all my solo shots...
What do you think, guys? *w*

If you fall, I will catch you
These hands...they will never let you go...
I will catch you and hold you safe
My dear Miku....


Miku>Yukino -me-
Elder Kaito>Kaito
Young Kaito>Emololipop
Elder Len>Chiaki
Young Len>Douji

=Photographers+Extra helping hands=

That's it then~
there are more pictures available for this photoshoot.
go check out the profiles of the photographers and also mine~ (you can go through to their profile via mine~)

Okay, gotta go sleep now....it's my exams tomorrow and I need to study~~

This is your official cosplaying blogger and KHR fanatic, Yukino..

Buonanotte~~ <3

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