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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

01 June 2010~

Currently listening to:
>Suberidai - Mori Tsubasa (Katekyo Hitman Reborn ED)
>Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem (anthem of 2006 Commonwealth Games, Australia)
>When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus (The Last Song OST)

First post of the month!!!!!
June is a busy month...
Although there will be like, two weeks holiday, but our holidays is HECK busy...

So...since there was nothing specific that happened today, so....
Oh wait...
yeah nothing much happened...
but I did some picture-surfing today though...and I found a few cute pictures (and pictures that made me feel like kamikorosu-ing people... *ohmnomnom*) so...I decided to post it up...


So, here we go~

Ah, he's courting with I-pin!!! He's courting with I-pin!!!! >m<
*jealousy rages*
(source: e-shuushuu)

Zoom in to see the clearer picture~ ^^
I love the picture combination here~ <3
Dino kakkoi!!!!!!!!!!! *swoons*
(source: e-shuushuu)

Merry Christmas from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn characters!!!!
Ah!! Squalo looks like a girl with his hair tied up!!!! O.O
(source: e-shuushuu)

the heck??? I want this one!!!!!!!!!
(source: 399animeshop.com, found thru google)

don't mean to be rude, but this is one, seriously cool Byakuran cosplayer!!! *w*
(p.s: I HATE HIM!!!! :P)
(source: kosupurei.blogspot.com)

This is like, one of the coolest pictures that I've ever seen~!!!! Giotto walking in the room as G., Lampo, Knuckles and Alaude stood in one line to greet him.
Really makes him look like a true, great leader~ *w*
(Source: zerochan)

gorgeousness....Mukuro looks a little innocent though... >w<
(source: e-shuushuu)

Now...if only this will really come true in the anime~ XD
(source: e-shuushuu)

This is a really beautiful sketch~
the future selves of the Vongola family~ *w*
(source: e-shuushuu)

One of the most beautifully self-designed tarot cards~ *w*
I like how the description of the card match each of the characters' personality~
(Zoom in to see clearer orz...)
(source: e-shuushuu)

this is really cute ne! nyuhuhuuu~~ *w*
(source: e-shuushuu)

haha, Fran in tux suit!!!! XD
(source: e-shuushuu)

*pokes pokes Hanatsu*
Oh lookie!!!! It's your Yamamoto!!!!!!! XD
(source: http://thatssumanime.files.wordpress.com/, found thru google)

One brown hair, one silver hair, one blondie (<3) and the rest is black-haired~nyahahahhhh!!!!!!
(source: somewhere over the net in google)

Oh, look, it's him...AGAIN!!! *pokes pokes Hanatsu*
(source: google image search)

Reborn is doing X-burner Air!!!! XD
Adorable much!!!! <3
Tsuna in fedora hat = kiut~ XD
(source: google image search)

*runs away, crying an ocean of tears*
*jealousy rages*
*kamikorosu-ed Hibari*
(source: google image search)

omgees, wtfwtfwtf???
*runs away and brings back my animal box to kamikorosu Hibari*
(source: google image search)

*no comment* .__.
(source: google image search)

nyuhuhu....this ish really kawaiii!!!!!
(source: imageshack)

Okay, you know what??? I should REELY stop making myself jealous!!!! >m<
(heck, I'm raging with jealousy.... .__.)
(source: img.youtube.com)

Reborn is wearing pink!!! XD
(source: google image search)

*admiring the beatiful Vongola crest*
(source: google image search)

Megane Tsuna = kawaiii~ <3
(source: mi9.com)

aww....the couple-which-I-hope-would-reveal-themselves-as-couple-soon~
(source: images2.fanpop.com)

Nyuhuhuuu, kore wa Besta desu!!!!!! Xanxus's animal box lion-tiger hybrid~
cute, eh?
(source: winwab.com)

Epic picture of Vongola Primo, Giotto, and his Guardians, namely...
from left: Alaude (Cloud), Knuckles (Sun), G.(Storm), Giotto (Sky), Asari Ugetsu (Rain), Lampo (Lightning) and Demon Spade (Mist)
(source: oskaya.com)

Heck!!!!!!!!!! I want this bag!!!!!!!!! >m<
(source: xinxingshop.us, found thru google)

Who want a Hibird??? XD
(source: xinxingshop.us)

*faints on the floor, literally*
(source: thatssumanime.files.wordpress.com)

Bring katekyo hitman reborn with you wherever you go with this special flip-flops!!! XD
(source: xinxingshop.us)

I saw the whole set of this before somewhere out there~
(source: milanoo.com)

Nyuhuhuhuuu....I owned one of this already~
Remember in the Vongola Primo Arc, they showed that each of the guardians of Giotto had a pocket watch?
Well...I got the pocket watch in my hands 1 YEAR before it showed on anime...WOW, isn't it?? XD
(source: animehope.com)

Sweet sweet Vongola family~:3
(source: img.bongbank.net)

All the Vongola family members enjoying the beauty of music~
(source: argos.namepad.org)

Okay, so my day WAS jam-packed with something, which was to find all of these amazing pictures.
Since my computer was facing a little technical problem, so I decided to keep all the pictures here in my blog until my computer recovers~

So, this is your KHRfanatic blogger, Yukino,

Countdown to SPM 2010:
175 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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