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Friday, October 22, 2010

22 October 2010: What hurts the most........

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The masquerade has ended.
The angelic masquerade masks break,
shattering into shards that sparkled under the chandeliers' light.
Their true nature are no longer hidden.
We see jealousy.
We see hatred.
We see rivalry.
We see all the worst in everyone.
Brace yourselves.
We are about to witness the worst of the nature of people.
In a communnity full of hypocrites............

[Sometimes, the best way to solve a problem is by confessing.]
[Telling lies may lead you out of the problem, but it't not going to solve the problem for good.]
A prank is just a prank,
but it becomes one's worst nightmare if the prank involves what they fear most.

 More accurately, involving what they are phobia of.

What we saw and experienced today was one of the worse pranks that was ever played in the history of our class.

The plain old fake cockroach joke on Hanatsu took a toll on our whole class and turned everything upside down.
 It practically broke our unity which we promised to keep at the beginning of this year.

What fun they had.

Well.... it had been a pretty tiring and mad day....
the story is meant to be a secret to only those who are directly involved (I am, as I am an eyewitness on the incident). So, I'm very sorry that I cannot tell you.

As for those who already know, you know.

And as for those who are involved....
well, I better not say anything since I'm not the victim.

but hey, I'm the victim's best friend.

And here I stand, telling all those who are involved that:
Mentally bullying one person is as good as physically bullyinh them, the only difference is that the effect is permanent.

And you know it.

I know...you already know that she's afraid of cockroaches, so WTF do you need to prank her?

Is it that fun?

And why are the both of them the only victims?

Is it awesome to prank someone with what they fear most?
you all sure had a good laugh.

What you didn't know is that all of you,
and I mean ALL OF YOU who have cliqued with the plan....

you have no idea how hurt she was.

Of course, you'll  never know how it hurts. Because you weren't the ones who experienced it.

Emotional and mental scars hurts more than physical scars.
And it hurts even more if the scars were caused by something you fear most.

So much for being a hero.
Would you really stand up and take the blame all by yourself?
And ACTUALLY get away with it???

Are you really going to stand up to the teacher and tell her that you, the one who planned it all, had nothing to do with it and that the victim was just being all sensitive?



She's not just afraid of them, she's PHOBIA with them!!!!!!!!

And when you scare people with what they are phobia of, you're practically giving them an indirect death sentence.

But, I know...
all you need to do is just show teacher your round and sparkly puppy eyes and you escape from being punished.

wrong again.

As I said.....
Phobia is not something you can mess around with.
Once it is triggered, it becomes worse and it hurts an individual directly.

You can't feel it, coz you were the one who didn't felt it.

Maybe you didn't know back then.

But now you do.

To you, does it make any differences?



Imagine this.

Someone plays a prank on you by making you face your deepest and most fearful phobia forcefully.

And all they said was: "It was just a joke, you shouldn't take  it too seriously."

How would you feel?

Wouldn't it be the same?

I stand here, actually, not to tell you to fuck off or anything.

I'm just trying to tell you that, as a communnity, we should be helping each other and not hurting each other.

Where was the promise you made along with ALL of us that we will help each other out if we face any problems?

It's about time this promise comes along.

But I'm not forcing anyone here.

It's up to your own liking if you prefer to hate us than to be friends with us.
We're fine with that.

But I am giving you a warning:

Yes, you apologized to the victim.

But, you never knew how she reacted.

She took it.

Guess if she accepted it.

And finally....

if you still have the intention to continue to prank her, then this is all I can say~

Thank you soooo much for crossing the border.
Now you will face the consequences of hurting someone emotionally and mentally.



Well, gotta hit the sack now~

Buonanotte, peeps~ :)

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