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Thursday, October 28, 2010

28 October 2010~ : 2 Days to Graduation Day!!!!!

Currently listening to:
> Shunkan Sentimental ~instrumental/karaoke~ - Scandal ("Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" ED)

> Tienohra - Peha
time flies so fast~
never really realized that it's already barely one month to go to SPM!!!!! @A@
The exact number of days would have to be 24 days....I think....
I just can't imagine the number of days getting lesser and lesser as every second goes by.....
how can I make time go back to the point where it was countdown 100 days to go before SPM?
oh wait.... I can't~~ TTATT
I finally realize the hardships of becoming a fanfic writer.....@.@
It's pretty hard to think up of all the names of the chapters for my on going fanfic, "Katekyo Hitman Reborn side DVST: Catena Inheritance Battle Arc".
After doing some (and a very long) considerations, I finally came up with these chapter titles.
Give me your opinions, k?

Chapter 1: Innocent Sorrow (Abingdon Boys School)
Chapter 2: Realize (Nami Tamaki)
Chapter 3: Cyclone (12012)
Chapter 4: Pride (High & Mighty Color)
Chapter 5: Magnet (Miku Hatsune & Luka Megurine)
Chapter 6: Doubt & Trust (Access)
Chapter 7: When I Look at You (Miley Cyrus)
Chapter 8: Love the Way You Lie (Eminem feat. Rihanna)
Chapter 9: Go Away (2NE1)
Chapter 10: Best Friends (Kana Nishino)
Chapter 11: Kiss Me Goodbye (Angela Aki)
Chapter 12: Everytime (Britney Spears)
Chapter 13: I Never Told You (Colbie Caillat)
Chapter 14: My All (Ayumi Hamasaki)
Chapter 15: Just Call My Name (Tsukiko Amano)
Chapter 16: Down to Earth (Justin Bieber)
Chapter 17: Run (Leona Lewis)

hoho, yes~
my creativity level is soooo low, that I've used song titles as the chapter titles of my fanfic!!!! XD

there's a significance behind the reason why I chose to do so~~~ :3
The reason why I used song titles for each of the chapter titles is because the title of the songs and also the lyrics matches the situations that happens in each chapter, making it having a significance for that particular chapter and thus playing a part in each chapter.

But...you know what, the chapter titles are subject to change because ideas on other songs to be used as chapter titles keep popping up in my head!!! XD
Well, now I have the chapter titles as a guide, I really oughta start preparing some story drafts so I won't forget the significance of each title for the song and also the plot of each chapter. I'm working on it now, but due to the intense preparation for Graduation Day and also SPM, I don't seem to have sufficient time.

GYAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<-- forgive my sudden scream~~)

And oh, for those who are loyal readers of my fanfic blog, I hereby apologize for not updating my fanfic blog for so long.
It's just so hard to think of what to type & to write (same thing~ XD) when I have tons of other things to think about.
I might have the time around the corner soon, but I still doubt I can do any updates for my fanfic blog~ T^T

So...I guess the wait will have to last until I've finished my SPM exams..... T^T

but don't worry, it won't take long for each of the chapters to be completed since I won't have anything much important to worry about by then~ XD

so I hope you can wait for everything to be completed, k? ^^
thanx for your patience!!!!!! <3


After a very....very....VERYYYYYY long wait~~
my Fujoshi HS coat has finally arrived!!!!

It arrived just yesterday, just in time before my Graduation Day this Saturday.
I was planning to wear it for my Graduation Day as a replacement for my, apparently, missing cardigan (long-sleeved one) and my jacket.
Hmm....but I just don't know if my Fujoshi HS leader, Akihiko, would allow me to...
since she told me to keep the coat away from public eyes before our debut in Comic Fiesta this year~
I just sent her a Facebook PM an hour ago to ask her permission~

I don't know what her answer will be, but I really hope she'll allow me to wear it~
Besides, it's only to cover up the top part of my dress, not to show it off~~ >.>|||

and oh, since Akihiko had asked me to keep it as a secret from public, so I can't take a picture to show you the pretty coat~
Gomen ne!!! >.<
Yup, as mentioned above, it's gonna be the most (hopefully) memorable day of my entire high school life (or more accurately, my secondary school life~).
This Saturday is my school's Graduation Day!!! XD

Pretty excited about it, coz I'm going to do a singing performance of two songs, which is "Inori" by Lena Park from Romeo X Juliet (yes, I'm friggin gonna sing both the english version and the japanese version of the song in one go) and also "The Cresent Night", a self-written song by Hanatsu which is of the tone of "Shunkan Sentimental" by Scandal from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Hehe, I hope the performance will go well...
and hopefully people will enjoy it~~@@

Hoho, and~~
the best part of my Graduation Day would definitely have to be my awesomely pretty dress!!!! XD
not to say it's like prom dress kind of dress, just a simple floral-themed dress.
The only reason why I had to wear an extra layer is because that the dress breaks one of the dress code, whereby it is COMPULSORY for us to wear something with SLEEVES; and my dress, well....it's spaghetti strap~ XD
That's why I have to wear something like cardigan, jacket or coat (my FUJOSHI coat~ XD) to cover up the supposingly (???) revealing parts of my dress. (hey!!!! I don't think my dress is THAT revealing, okay??? It's not like it's neck-plunging or bareback!!!!!!!!!)

I should be arriving there by 8.45 am coz the registration opens at 9am. And also, time is needed for Hanatsu to help me put on my make-up (sorry to say this, but yes, I SUCK AT PUTTING ON MY OWN MAKE-UP) and also do some early morning camwhorings~ XD

5th Level Ballroom of the Dynasty Hotel at Sentul~ XD
it's the most unlikely place, but at least we are given the chance to wear our own clothes, unlike the past form 5 seniors who didn't had the chance to do so~ >:3

It's the final countdown to Graduation Day!!!!!!!!
As my title says....
2 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hanatsu and I will be doing some serious series of practices tomorrow to make sure that everything is in tip top condition for this Saturday.

And above all.....


Well, that's about it!!!!
Time to sleep now, I have to study tomorrow~~
off to recharge my dead brain~ >.>||||

This is your cosplay/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino...

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

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