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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 May 2011 (2): Project DVST 2011 (preview & link to full session)

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Ohaithar again~ :D

So, most of you who do read my blog should know that one month ago, our Project DVST finally launched and is expected to go on for at least another couple of months until we rougly cover all shoots for all the available versions of each of our characters. Maybe should be about...3...4...or 5 years...?
But as long as all the available versions of our characters are not covered finish, we will still continue to do it all until it's all done~ :)

This post features some of the best shots (well...which I myself personally thinks was the best~ XD) and also the link to two sites which has some pretty wide coverage of the other nice shots as well. (For those who have seen it should know~ :D)

and although the intended photographer didn't came for the shoot, but we did had four substitute photographers (we took turns to shoot each other, actually~ =w=) so it all still turned out well~ :D and the fun under the rain was...well...fun~ XD

Enjoy the shots and give me your opinions on them, yea? :D

"Project DVST 2011" photoshoot
 "Skies Collide"

date: 16th April 2011
venue: Bukit Jalil Park
Hanatsu Matsuno as Hainexia Matsuno

and me as Iratella Catena~



Hainexia Matsuno||Hanatsu Matsuno
Iratella Catena||Yukino @ me

||Michiru Sin
||Kaede Kojima
||Hanatsu Matsuno
||Yukino @ me

Creative director:
||Michiru Sin
||Kaede Kojima

Makeup by:
||Hanatsu Matsuno

That's all for the preview!! XD

For more pictures from the shoot, click on the following links~ :D
 (note: be sure to be a member of Curecos before you can gain full access to view my profile and also other cosplayers~ )
and for the FULL coverage of the shoot, just go search these names in Facebook~ XD
> Michelle 'Michiru' Sin
> Hainexia Hana Matsuno
> Kaede Kojima


I don't know whether you noticed, but I'm pretty sure those who have been used to viewing professional cosplay pictures or is a professional cosplay photographer themselves should notice the pictures are not as sharp and crisp as the professional ones~

that's because:
> we're not professional photographers~ .3.
> we were just using a semi-pro camera~

just wanna point these view points out just in case anyone does question me~ .w.

all that's well ends well~ :D
I'm very much looking forward to the next DeVastella photoshoot which...I'm not sure when will be the next one, lol~ .w. but I'm pretty sure, I wanna do another one real soon!! >w<

but for now, I gotta focus on preparing for the Vocaloid Halloween photoshoot in October with the almighty Hibiki Tokai, the lead photographer of H.T Production, ohorhorhorrrrr~ XD
and also for CF2011~ ^^

and I hafta go off now as my sister wants to use to broadband~ :3

this is your cosplay and Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanatic blogger, Yukino....



and a heart from us to you~

I bid to you...


(P.S: Gonna start packing up my things for National Service tomorrow~ :3 hopefully I won't miss out anything important~ TT_TT and oh, mini farewell party for me will be this Friday~ aaaaaand no one's invited~ :P [lol, joking~ but really~ only my close friends will attend~ ^^])

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