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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

11 May 2011 (2) : National Service preparations~

Mood: Back to happy after some morale support from my friends~ ^^

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Hey y'all~ XD

For those who are in the followers' list of my twitter account and also in my friends' list of my facebook account should know that in another 4 days time.

Yes, people.

4 MORE DAYS!!!!!

seems still so long to go, but as you all know, time passes by REAL quickly this year~ (I don't know about you, but to me...IT IS. :/)
So much to do, yet...SO LITTLE TIME.
I'm barely done with the packing-up of my luggage and also some of the forms are not really completed yet. And I still don't have the self-preparation to leave my friends and family for it~ ;w;

Yet, I'm pretty sure I'll love it there since my camp will be in Miri, Sarawak~ and loads of the past National Service trainees claim and agree that all the camps in Sarawak are the best in the country.
I feel really really lucky to be able to go to Sarawak for my turn in National Service, so I'll make sure to enjoy every single second of it~ ^^

but before that, I'll have to embrace the hardships of packing up my things and to make sure not to forget anything important, and also to have my heart all ready to leave my loved ones here in the Peninsular while I fly all the way to the largest state in the country~ .w.

Done with medical checkups, things-to-bring checklist (which I think I have to redo again since Ai Chin had told me what to bring and what not to bring~ >^<), all that's left to do is make my luggage full of the things I wanna bring~

I'll be leaving on the 16th May (Monday), so til then, I'll have to appreciate what I have at home and also not rant too much~ =3=

I'll really miss everyone too~ TT^TT

but no worries~ it'll only be for 2 1/2 months, as I will be back on 30th July~ (2 weeks ahead of my legal age birthday, yayyyy~ ;w; <3)
til then, there won't be any updates on my blog~ (it's gonna be REAL hard for me not to think about my blog being un-updated~~ TTATT)

Ohpp, gotta go off for dinner now~ ^^

more updates tomorrow then~ :)

til then~

this is your cosplay and Katekyo Hitman Reborn  fanatic blogger, Yukino...




(P.S: my vocals sound really sucky nowadays~ TT_TT I can't really sing Luka's "Corruption Garden" like how I can before this~~ TTATT)

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