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Thursday, May 12, 2011

12 May 2011: I Pledge to you....

Mood: REALLLLY stressed out to think about the packing up of my things~ @@ arghhhhh!!!!

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> Pledge - The GazettE [looping mode: ON]
+can I like, claim this song to be the theme song of my story? TTwTT+


"I don't need "I love you" anymore
If only you'd stay forever by my side
I want to be broken by you
Who exhausted your voice by crying..."


Oh, don't worry everyone, I'm not being all emo again~ I just want to share with you all a song that I found had managed to make me feel better all the time whenever I feel sad.
The lyrics are really, really beautiful, and although it doesn't really relate to me since I'm still single (ahem~) but I still find it really astounding.
No wonder I feel that I am becoming a big fan of The GazettE. XD

Watch out, coz next time, I might be blasting The GazettE's songs in this blog of mine aaaaaanytime soon~ XD
Not sure when it'll be, but maybe.
JUST maybe.

O3O <3




傷付けた後でしか 気付けなかった事
過ちの数 君を求め 見め合えたはずさ

小さな嘘が日々を埋めていた 疑いをかわすように
失う意味を心が知る 立ち尽くす二度目の冬

君は見えない明日に戸惑い 声を上げ泣いていたね

理解を求め合い 繰り返して また深く想える


「愛してる」なんて もういらない
ただ ずっと側に居てと



「さよなら」はここに置いて 歩き出そう

二人 愛を確かめ合うように悲しみも見てきたから
明日 二人消えてしまっても もう泣かなくていいよ




kizu tsuketa ato de shika kizukenakatta koto
ayamachi no kazu kimi wo motome mitsumeaeta hazu sa

chiisa na uso ga hibi wo umete ita utagai wo kawasu you ni
ushinau imi wo kokoro ga shiru tachizukusu ni do me no fuyu

kimi wa mienai asu ni tomadoi koe wo age naite ita ne
kotoba wo sagasu koto mo dekizu ni ochiru namida wo hirotta

sabishisa ni tsutsumareta hibi wa tagai wo nurashi
rikai wo motomeai kurikaeshite mata fukaku omoeru

towa wo kanjita no wa uso janai
tashika ni kimi no tonari de

"ai shiteru" nante mou iranai
tada zutto soba ni ite to
koe wo karashi naite ita kimi ni
kowarete yukitai

saisho de saigo no kotoba wa kimi e
sono ude wo hanasanu you
kata wo narabeta onaji yume ga futari wo sarau

chiisa na uso ga katachi wo kaete shiroi iki ni tokete yuku
ushinau imi wo wasureru you ni nando mo mune ni kizamu yo

"sayonara" wa koko ni oite aruki dasou
mou ni do to miushinau koto wa nai

futari ai wo tashikameau you ni kanashimi mo mite kita kara
ashita futari kiete shimatte mo mou nakanakute ii yo

itsuka sugisaru kisetsu no you ni kawari yuku futari ga ite
kanashimi ni tachidomaru yoru ga kite mo
owaru koto wa nai
fukai yume no naka



What I realized only after I hurt you was that
I was looking for the number of faults in you when we should have looked at each other

Our days were buried in small lies In order to avoid these doubts
Our hearts must know the meaning of losing each other This second winter is standing still

You are lost because you cannot see tomorrow Raising your voice you were crying
Without being able to find any words I just caught your tears

Wrapped in loneliness the days soaked both of us
We were repeatedly looking for understanding I can feel it deeply once again

It's no lie when I said that I felt eternity
I will certainly be by your side

I don't need "I love you" anymore
If only you'd stay forever by my side
I want to be broken by you
Who exhausted your voice by crying

All the words from the beginning to the end were said to you
So that you won't let go of these arms
The same dream that stood by our side washed us both away

The small lies change their shapes and dissolve into a white breath of air
So that we won't forget the meaning of losing each other 
It doesn't matter how many times it has to be carved into my heart

I leave this "goodbye" right here and move forward
I won't lose you once again

So that we can assure ourselves of our love we both had to see sorrow
Even if we both end up vanishing tomorrow It's okay to not cry anymore

Someday we will change into two people that pass like the seasons
Even if there will be nights when you will be frozen from sadness
Don't forget
Nothing will ever end
In a deep dream


Lyrics credits goes to:


That's all for the day~!! :D
Wish I could give more updates, but I'm gonna have to proceed on my luggage-packing session~ D:
so, sorry ne, but I'm gonna have to go now~

This is your cosplay and Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanatic blogger, Yukino.....




(P.S: Haze + rain = 75% possible chance that I will fall sick~ =_= time for me to go gulp down 10 litres of waterrrr~~ OTL)

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