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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17 November 2010: 6 more days to go~

Currently listening to:
> Recorded Butterflies - Reira starring Olivia Luftkin ("Nana" OST)
> Wish - Reira starring Olivia Luftkin ("Nana" OP)
> Winter Sleep - Reira starring Olivia Luftkin ("Nana" ED)

Well, as the title says, it's only 6 more days to go before SPM.
I did some revision today (miraculously) on Bio and addmaths, the two most problematic subjects that I'm facing now. So far, it's....pretty okay~ hopefully I can make a miracle within this short time span!!! >A<

Tomorrow, I shall continue on my effort to do more serious revision!! Maybe chemistry and physics and also more addmaths~ XD
Okay, I'm making today's post really short and simple, because right now, I really, really wanna continue to read some really awesome (and interesting~ XD) Katekyo Hitman Reborn D18 doujins!! <3

The ones that I'm reading now is "Principato" and part one of' "Drama Della Vendetta". Reading "Principato" first since it's longer. Awesome so far~ XD

One thing about reading them, though. Since it's yaoi, so sometimes they spark an interest in me and add more ideas for my current story. This sucks, coz I already promised myself not to touch my fanfic yet, and yet I'm so damn eager to continue it.

I don't know if it can be found elsewhere though~ I can read it because my friend, Momoko uploaded the whole thing in Facebook (AWESOME!!! XD)
and plus, the one that I'm reading now is in chinese (greatttt~~~~) so, i don't know if there's any english version out there. So, if you do find them, do tell me then!!! :3
okay, off to continue to read "Principato" and proceed to "Drama Della Vendetta" and reading them while my mom is still lingering in the living room with me~ 8|

this is your KHR/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino~
SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!

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