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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

03 November 2010~: JIGSS Graduation Day Pictorial Report

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I finally got the Graduation Day pics from Michiru~
and the vids as well~~

the pics will go up here first, while the vids will be up within these few days~ (my server is friggin slow, so it might take some time~ ^^)

well, here it goes!!!!!!!
Hanatsu & Shazleen desu~ :3
(Shazleen's eyes look like Edward Cullen's eyes, as what Michiru said~ XD)

this is the =3= face~ XD
demonstrated by Hanatsu~


Harahetaaaa~ >A<

ohmnomnom~ :3


yeaaa~ XD
*sleepy~ .__.*


some of what we ate~

smile pretty-pretty!!!!!

we sparkle & glow (??) XD

cheese~ <3

Michiru & Kaede desu~~ XD

Fish eyes ~ OwO

I stare at you, you stare at me~

The master and the mistress... (LOL???)

Michiru: Whatcha lookin at?
Yukino: You have something stuck on your head.....
Michiru: =A=||| &@#$%!*&

Friends? Enemies?
Only they know~ XD

Michiru is mine.....
(gets kicked away)
[I can pass for the role as a possesive ghost now~ XD)

Me, Michiru, Kaede and Hanatsu in our graduation robes~ :3

We've graduated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kai En & Jing Shi with Hanatsu~ :3

Michiru & Kaede~

Us again~ XD
(me in the same pose...again~ OTL")

Kaede's solo pic.....

Hanatsu's solo pic.....

My solo pic!!!!!!!!!
with KLCC as the background desu~ :3

full view of meee~ :D
[dress: Square Room, Hartamas Shopping Centre; cardigan: Applemint; contact lenses: Dizon; necklace: Raoul; shoes: Balalaca]

Michiru's solo pic....

It's me again!!! :D

WOOTS!!!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!! XD

We are 1Malaysia~ <3

Whole class on the stage saying...... CHEESE!!!!!!!!!! <3
That's about it niaaa~
there's another set of pics though, but....I don't think it's appropriate to put it here~
planning to keep 'em private~ XD
(a yuri-supposed-to-be-yaoi stupid photoshoot desu~ XD)
off to continue with my fanfic niaaa~~

this is your Fairy Tail/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino...

SIGNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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