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Friday, November 12, 2010

12 November 2010: Begin the final countdown.......

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Well, this day finally arrived.
It's 10 days from today.
10 days later, on 23 November 2010, all us form 5 students will face the biggest challenge yet.
The SPM examinations.

I know. It's something that we can't avoid for the sake of our future.
I can't think of how my results will be. Will I still fail my addmaths in the real thing?
Or miraculously pass? Or better, getting an A for it?

I don't know.

But I know everything will turn out okay.

Well, as we all know it, everyone who is able to go to Anime Festival Asia this year is so damn lucky!!!
I've gone through Danny Choo's blog, and hell, the line up of special guests are so....WOW!!!!!!!!!!
It's really awesome!!
It's really going to be a star-studded event!!!
Scandal, AKB48, Aira, Alodia, Kaname, May'n, Mizuki Ichiro, Jam Project, Milky Holmes & Angela.
FOR AFAX!!!!!!!
I'm soooooo jealous for those who are going for AFA!!!! DX
I wanna go too!!!

sacrifices should be made for the sake of my SPM exams.

Missing this year's AFA doesn't mean that I can't attend next year's one, right?
besides, rumours have been going around that next year's AFA is going to be held here in Malaysia!!!!
Hopefully that rumour is true~
coz I really want that to happen~ >.<

By the way, this is the post from Danny Choo's blog about the preview of AFAX.
Check it out!!!

By the way, for those who are up to date with my fanfiction blog, just wanna inform that I'm currently drafting chapter four on papers now, so that I can keep things in mind and not forget about the main storyline and how to friggin connect one chapter to another according to the title of each chapter.

As usual, I would like to remind you avid readers that I shall be back actively to proceed on my story as soon as my SPM exams are over. Give me one month's time...?
Well, I'm having a stomach ache and I have a day full of things to do tomorrow, so I gotta now~

this is your cosplay/KHR/Fairy Tail/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino...


SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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