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Friday, May 7, 2010

07 May 2010~

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A random quote to start my post for today which are related to the event that happened today.

"Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack on the reflection"
-Lady Gaga & Beyonce, "Telephone" MV

And now, my own quote (kinda long) on today's incident.

"Each and every one of us have certain limitations to tolerate with one's attitude. We would always be patient and always tolerate on that certain person's attitude which annoys others and us. But apparently we were forced to accept the person's behaviour coz we take pity on them and no other people wanna be their friend. So yea, we are always forced to show a sweet smiling face at them. Thank your lucky stars that someone could actually accept you coz we feel pity on what you had to go through when you are younger. But this gives you no reason to step on our heads and take all the possible advantages! And never once did you actually understood what we felt, treating us like puppets. Even I think that puppets have feelings. You have completely bursted my bubble of patience against you who thinks that whatever you do or say is right. Now that you have crossed the line, I have no other choice but to cut off my friendship with you. I know, crying is useless especially if the these tears of mine were flowing from you. Tears of blood would flow just to make you go away from me. Now that it's over, get out from my precious life. I don't need someone to order me around like a slave and yet calling me a friend. Say your prayers, coz you'll need it so badly, you would be begging at my feet to forgive you. I have been to soft-hearted to you, so now it's time for me to be harsh to you for you to learn that no friendship comes from manipulation."
-Yukino Hayasaka

Oh, too long!!! But yes, only those who saw the whole thing that happened today would know that yes, I CRIED LIKE HELL!!!!!!
And fortunately, only three of my closest (and sincere) friends know the reason behind my swollen eyes caused by excessive crying so that no big issues erupt from the one that I'm facing now.  (P.S: Thanks, Hanatsu, Michiru & Kaede~ :'3 *hugs you guys in tears*)

Well, and I hate the taekwondo junior (a certain one, whose name will not be mentioned for privacy purposes) assume that I'm some sort of EBIL and arrogant senior who looks down on the juniors. Well, HELLO?????? It's your damn pengerusi who is making the trouble with me here!!!!!!!! Looking at me with those weird expressions won't make me change the way I am. Hell no. You juniors don't know anything when it comes to the issues related to your self-proclaimed-princess.

Okay. So. Damn you, princess. The world DOES NOT revolve around you. Not everything that you said is right. Not everything that you think is right. Don't assume that everyone is your friend  when you don't even know how to treat them as a friend. Yes, FRIEND, not PROPS. WTF did I do to you that made you wanna kill me??? I was only asking a kind favour from you to borrow the radio for like what, 5 MINUTES?????? And yet, you scolded me as if I'm taking the radio away from you!!! WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wake up call, princess!!!!! It's the MEDIA'S radio, NOT YOURS!!!!! And I'm a freaking MEDIA PREFECT, which means I have the right to cancel your order as I wish!!! You don't have the right to scold me like that!!!!!!!! At least you could talk to me in a much more mannered way....damned fools are always so inconsiderate.

And one more thing. Since you always complain about us not being as polite as her, then why are YOU the one not being polite?? Huh?? Huh??? Tell me 10 good reasons why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you were the one who asked us to be gracious.
Pfft, gracious konon. You weren't half gracious at all. Screw that.
You could at least asked us properly when you want to use the radio already, DAMN YOU!!!!
Kaede was right when she said that the princess (yea, rite.) is someone not worth to be friends with. The princess herself proved it. So, if back then she told us that no one to be friends with her and thank us for being her friend, now I don't think so. Scolding me til you add on the pressure that I'm currently facing is not the best way to show that you are a princess.
Enduring pressures from all around is not easy, especially for those who are someone like prefects. Someone like you, princess, would never understand the level of pressure that we have to endure EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, we do play a lot. But that was to release stress from our studies. You, who does not need to worry about doing house chores (screw you, you can't even wash the dishes!!!! And you're freaking 17 years old!!!!!! And plus, you're no princess!!!! No royal blood in you!!!!!) should not tell us and boss us around on things that you know would 100% make us furious.

Ah, well....what's done is done. I have cried out all the pressure that I have been keeping in me over these  months. I feel a lil much better now. Also thanx to Hanatsu, Michiru and Kaede for comforting me when I needed. Hey, I don't need a friend who would just sway me around like her accessories. I just need friends who would love me for who I am and would never use me as a stepping stone for other purposes. No more Miss Nice Girl to you, princess. It's over. Stay away from me forever. I never wanna be related with you in anything anymore. Screw you, dammit.

Countdown to SPM 2010:
199 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!


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