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Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 May 2010~

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>Bad Romance Glee version - Glee Cast (Glee)
>Come to Me - Shiomaru @ Q.Shio Yee (Tribute to Kuroshitsuji)

It's finally here~!!!!
The day that we SMKPJI girls have been waiting for!!!!
The day that my dance team have been waiting for two long weeks!!!!
It's the annual Teacher's Day Celebration of Jalan Ipoh Girls Secondary School!!!

After two long torturing weeks, we finally finished practising the dance for the whole song!!!!
Tee hee~
So seriously can't wait for tomorrow to show off our talents!!! X3

My sis and I prepared the salad for tomorrow for my class party. (damn, should've thought of bringing other stuffs.......OTL)
After one hour, we finally perfected the taste!!!! *w*
And this time, we added a special ingredient to make it a lil different from the ones that my mom usually made: we added mixed berries!!!!!! Tastes better~~ love it~~
but dunno whether the rest of those who are gonna eat 'em tomorrow would love em~
Hopefully they will~

My eyes are starting to itch now, feeling very irritated.
So, I guess this is where I'll stop.
This is Yukino signing out~

Countdown to SPM 2010:
190 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!


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