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Thursday, May 13, 2010

13 May 2010~

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Just gonna randomly throw in some stuff here for today since it's already too late...ORZ (curse the time when I got carried away while talking to lotsa friends on FB)

So, today we had the full dress rehearsal for the upcoming Teacher's Day performance. Was excited, nervous, happy, blur, crazy at the same time. After we changed into the clothes that we were gonna wear on the Teacher's Day (next Monday, 17 May), we captured a lot of attention. Oh, wait....TOO MUCH ATTENTION...felt weird... .__.  been a long time since I had the whole school staring at me like I'm some sort of physco or something~ :P
Okay, best part...the  combination of the clothes that Michiru is gonna wear for next Monday makes her look so damn HAWT!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! Theva, Kaede and I were like, literally swooning when we saw her. I bet on next Monday, the whole student body is gonna be chasing after her. (who ask her to look like a total bishie when she wears her performance clothes...>w<)

So then, after performing in front of the organizer of the performance (Form Six Council), Rose said "Wow, great job!!!!!!" The only comment was my clothes....the blouse was kinda short so my stomach was revealing when I was dancing (heck yea, I hate that blouse too much) So, I have like, only three days to put together something cute, sassy, funky, stylish and not-too-eye-catchy combo clothes for next Monday's performance.

So far, we are halfway thru the song (I can actually finish memorising the whole choreography of the song, but I just have to slow down for the sake of the rest who are, well....a little slow in catching up the dance...>w< but, ah, who cares, as long as everyone can do it~~) It's considered okay already although we are the only ones who only practised the dance of half the total length of the song. Ah, well.....take things slow and steady is the key to win everyone's heart. At least we were better than the other Korean dance~ :P

Kayz, gotta go now. I have three freakin' karangan that I have to write and tomorrow is doomsday for all form five students (will blog about tomorrow's event tomorrow~ :3)
til then, this is Yukino signing out~

Countdown to SPM 2010:
193 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!


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