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Monday, April 5, 2010

05 April 2010 (2): The Story of Hachiko~

The poster says it all: it's another movie about a dog...but this is not just another ordinary story about a dog, it really is different from normal dog stories...it touches the heart of both dog lovers and non-dog lovers...it  describes on how strong an undying love can be and it not only can be shown between humans, but also together with man's best friend - DOGS

I bought the DVD last week (well...from pasar malam...XD) and usually I'd always take any DVD I see that has the picture of dogs on it....it's been my habit since before, since I'm a total dog lover~ :3
 The title catches my attention~ and the heading that states it is based on a true story~

"A Story of Hachiko" tells the story of an Akita dog, called Hachi, who was sent from Japan to America to be given to someone. But unfortunately, the address tag that contains the address that Hachi was supposed to be sent to tore off and he was abandoned in the train station in America.
Lost and confused, Hachi wandered across the station and was found by a local university professor, Parker Wilson. Parker was desperate to find it's owner, but no one came forward to claim Hachi, so he decides to keep Hachi for himself. But his wife, Cate, dislikes animals and rejected Parker's wish to keep Hachi. But after witnessing the tight bond formed between Hachi and Parker, Cate finally agrees to let Parker keep Hachi.

A few years later, Hachi grew up and is as loyal as ever to Parker and his family. He would always follow Parker to the train station, kinda like sending him to the station. At precisely 5 pm everyday, Hachi would wait at the train station for Parker and walk home together with him.

One day, Parker passed away while in the middle of teaching his class. Hachi had no idea of his passing and continued to loyally wait for Parker to arrive at the station, everyday at 5pm. He didn't care about the weather or season. He continues to wait for Parker everyday, the exact same spot, the exact same time.

For 10 years, that was how Hachi waited for Parker. With the help of a few local residents, they took care of him in ways they can do, and they are touched by the loyalty and devotion of Hachi. Seeing how Hachi continued to wait without ever getting bored, it shows how devoted he is towards Parker.
Eventually, Hachi's life came to the end and he left this world in the spot where he sits to wait for Parker, lying down there, recalling on all the sweet memories that he spent with Parker and his family.......

My personal review:

AWESOMENESS!!!!! It's the movie that made me cried to the max!!!!! Compared to "Koizora", "The Story of Hachiko" touched my heart directly as it is related to how I love my dog and his devotion to my family and I...it is way better than watching "Koizora" as I've never experienced loving a partner in my whole life before (althought I do understand how Mika feels on the whole situation in her life)..."The Story of Hachiko" is far better than watching any typical soap opera and it is definitely the movie that made me finish the whole tissue box (no, seriously, I finished the whole tissue box~ XD)

I started to cry from the moment after Parker passed away and how Hachi didn't know about that sad reality yet still continues to wait for Parker everyday...that started halfway through the whole story and, yeah, I cried from that moment on all the way until the end of the movie. By the time I finished watching it, my eyes were freakin red and I couldn't speak properly~ after crying for nearly one hour, my throat felt as if it was stuck and no voice could come out for at least half an hour~ XD

I love this movie so much...I wanna watch it again after my exams....see whether I can cry as bad as I did today~~ X3 haha, that's not the point....but I really love on how faithful, loyal and devoted Hachi is towards Parker.

Plus, the background music really adds to it!!!!! Makes me feel the emotion along the movie~ not much of a comedy...it's good coz they wanna focus on the undying love between Hachi and Parker~ <3

This is seriously recommended to those who love to watch movies regarding dogs and for those who just love to watch movies that'll make you cry~ (like me~ XD it's a habit that I seem to get since god knows when~ XD)

Okay, it's waaayyyyy pass my bedtime....oyasumi~ :3

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