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Thursday, April 15, 2010

15 April 2010~

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At last...the long one week suffering is finally over~~
After suffering from a heavy and painful infection on my left thumb since last Thursday, it is finally removed and no longer painful~~~~ \(^w^)/ *cheering happily*

Still...now as the anesthetic is wearing off, the pain of the cut from the surgery is slowly merging and I can slowly start to feel it...although during the small-surgery-on-a-freaking-painful-infection-wound, I couldn't feel a thing (not even when he cut my finger open), but now, owh yeah, the feeling's coming back...REAL SLOW, but REAL PAINFUL~~~

Now, it's also starting to itch. Damn, why was I born with ultimately sensitive skin?? I'm so darn sensitive to many many stuffs....strong chemicals is definitely a major cause for this....my skin will also get infection from small wounds like a tiny prick. Usually if I got injuries like scars, cuts and all, small bubbles will form inside of my skin (it's visible, so it looks kinda...revolting...>M<) then it'll itch like crazy, swell and make me suffer for weeks...hopefully this time for this surgery, no other allergic reaction will react and make my wound worse...or else I'll just cut off my thumb to make my life easire. A worry less in my life~~ X3

So these are the pics that I took after the mini-but-painful-yet-painless surgery was over.
(P.S: couldn't manage to take pics of the process of the surgery, coz it looked kinda eww-ish...O.o)

Harharxz...rite after the surgery~
the anesthetic was so strong, I couldn't even bend my thumb!!!!!!

Ngehehehhh....back when the anesthetic was still strong, no matter what you do to my hand, be it hit it, pinch it, smack it, punch it, fire it, I'll never feel a thing~~ XD back then, I felt amused with it, but at the same time felt a little disturbed by it since I couldn't bend my thumb...><

the blood wasn't cleaned up properly yet, so you can still see that there are blood~

and, oh, the pus was successfully removed and now the pain isn't as bad compared to the few days back that I suffered~ :3
thank goodness for that~
so hopefully my hand will recover completely, or maybe at least 75% before next week's MSSKL Taekwondo.

Speaking of MSSKL Taekwondo....shits lar...for poomsae event individual, taegeuk 4 is no probs...but for group event....have to memorise taegeuk 7, 8 and Koryo...darn taegeuk 8 and Koryo escaped from my memories ady, and the tournament is already next Saturday, for goodness sake!!!!!!!! I'm really scared on this point~~ ><
Last year for the MSSKL group event, we only had to do taegeuk 7 due to some problems. But previous years, the group one must do all 3 taegeuks....darn it............

Ah wellxz.....might as well die now..........

Countdown to SPM 2010:
221 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!
Ciao~~ :3

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