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Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 April 2010~

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Today.....10 Apr 2010....was a freakin nightmare....O.O

Why say so...?


Well...I think it's not THAT bad...I mean, lots of the strongest taekwondo teams were present today~~but it's only the Kepong Open and not MSSKL yet.......and I bet I'll be shaking my legs off if it was MSSKL~~

The poomsae event started WAYYYY earlier than scheduled...on the schedule, it states that the poomsae event starts at 1.00pm, but without preparation, we recieved the news like, THREE HOURS EARLIER!!!
The poomsae event started at 10.00am!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! There wasn't enough time to prepare ourselves!!!!

The poomsae event was kinda like a knockout round. Two people would go perform their own taegeuk and the one who is chosen as the best among the two by the judges would be paired with another opponent and the same thing goes again until one remains standing as champion. Kinda lame system thought, since you can't obviously see whose taegeuk was nicer. And yeah, obviously I did my freakin best and yet they gave the victory to my damn opponent who...well...as I observed, WASN'T THAT MUCH OF A GREAT OPPONENT AFTER ALL!!!!!! I know I did better than her, but I just don't know what makes the judges pick her. Maybe they see things differently, who knows? But I know that I did my best and that's all that matters...that's what everyone tells me, so I guess that's the reality then~

Well....one good thing by going to this tournament is that I don't need to go to today's merentas desa~~although I REALLY wanna go that badly, but well....I just don't have that running mood anyway~~ :3
Ngahahahhh~~ <3

I feel sleepy....but I just can't sleep...is it because of my lost??? Hehe, not sure tho...but it's for sure that tomorrow I'm going back there coz my younger sis is gonna be competing~really wish her all the best!!!!! XD

This is the Moi's Taekwondo Academy representatives (well....1/8 of them only actually, including Michiru and I~XD)
Clockwise from left: Darrius @ Mr.Complain-a-lot (St John Institution), Karpa (SMKP Jalan Ipoh), Viesueda @ meh cute junior (SMKP Jalan Ipoh) and Sri Shantini @ creepy stalker (SMKP Jalan Ipoh)

Forgot what his name is....but he's the Ketua UMNO of Kepong.
He came as the VIP to "merasmikan" this tournament.
And guess what....VIP just don't arrive on time....he arrived a good 30 minutes late for the opening ceremony~ orz...

half-dead me...heheh...this is in Michiru's car, on the way home, around 4pm ++....nothing to do...tooo tired to talk, so just camwhore...hahahahhhh~~~ XD

The full album is available at my Facebook page and also Michiru's Facebook page as well~
Go go stalk there to see full pics~

(P.S: Most of the pics are the views in SMK Kepong Baru~~XD)

Countdown to SPM 2010:
226 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

Oyasumi nasaiiii~~~ :3

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