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Friday, April 16, 2010

16 April 2010~

Currently listening to:
>Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert  (my dance theme - ballroom contemporary)
>Come to Me - Shiomaru (Tribute to Kuroshitsuji)
>Telephone - Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
>Naturally - Selena Gomez
>When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus (The Last Song)

Well.....here it goes~

Today was a sun shiny day (like any other days of course..)

Okay, what am I crapping here again?? Ngehehehh~
Today was like any other Fridays. Started off with Biology. And I would like to congrats myself...my bio marks increased from 39 to 45, thanx to my paper 1 and 3 (and yes, as usual, I'll forever won't depend on my paper 2....even if teacher says that it helps with the marks the most~~)

So far, most of my subjects increased. Although not a lot, but still, at least some improvement, rite? ^^

So far, I already got the results for 7 out of 9 subjects that I took for diagnostics.

The subjects that I kinda failed to increase the marks are English (dun ask me why...the questions was damn hard this time...orz), chemistry (due to lack of study, isn't it obvious?? XD) and addmaths (ya lar...this one obviously sampai I mati pun won't increase unless some miracle happens~~and hopefully that miracle comes around QUICK!!!!!!!)
For the rest, except sejarah and physics, the rest all incresed. I currently have 4A- (darn, no A+s???). And hopefully that won't be how my SPM results will look like. I shall leave this world if that's what happens. Seriously.

Anywayy....move on to the fun part of the day.
After taekwondo training today, Michiru and I went to KM to "meronda" our fave anime shop for any new stuffs. And, since we didn't went there for this past week, surely there'll be new merchandises available. And, as usual of course, I'll never go back home empty handed whenever I spot anything new.

Below are the pics of some stuffs that I bought today~

Ngehehehhh....my fave cards among all the cards I've bought....Sebastian is just so darn sexayy~ and I mean it!!! X3

Blurred close up version of the card~~coz I was holding it in my left hand (and as you know that my left thumb is...u know...XD)

Got a clearer shot of the card after I put it on the floor and take the pic of it~~ Smexy as ever, eh?? X3 *swoons*

the second card...
I love the design of the borders that seperate the characters....so Victorian age~~ :3

the third card...*still swooning*

and the fourth card whee~~~~ >w< *pengsan*
too much dose of Sebastian in one day~~

ultimate combination of four-in-one Kuroshitsuji cards...yeyyy~~~
totally love the fourth one~~~ *stares at it for a VERY LONG TIME*

syiok sendiri with meh beloved Kuroshitsuji card collections~~ :3

suka~~~ <3

And this is my beloved poster~~
this design was the only one left there, so I bought it witout hesitation~~~ X3

Syiok sendiri with my poster~~~

.....and still syiok sendiri~~

and now it's stuck on my wall just above my bed~~along with my beloved KHR poster and my SPM 2010 countdown board...hahahrxz~~~~ :3

And now....to my next problem...the surgery cut on my hand...I've seen it...Q.Q

Although I wasn't supposed to remove the bandage until tomorrow, but it was because it came in contact with water, so it became less sticky and easy to be removed. So I decided to remove it to see how the surgery line looks like...and yupz....it wasn't a pretty sight....>M<
The flesh of the area where the pus was removed, was bulging out from my skin and hell, I can actually touch it~~
My mom said that it's nothing, but seriously, you call that nothing?? I can see my flesh!!!!! Bulging out like some sort of weird stuff there!!! Although it doesn't hurt much anymore, but still, it's a revolting sight...eww-ish much....>M<
Anyway, the doctor has asked me to go back to the clinic tomorrow morning to change the bandage dressing. So by then, I'll ask him if the condition of my finger now as it seems, is okay or not. And if it's not okay, what should be done...Gyahhhhhh~~~~ *frust*

Countdown to SPM 2010:
220 DAYS TO GO!!!!

~~~Ciao ciao~~~

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