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Monday, April 26, 2010

26 April 2010~

Currently listening to:
>Bla Bla Bla - Ke$ha
>Whataya Want From Me - Adam Lambert (my dance theme - contemporary ballroom)
>Listen to the Stereo - Going Down Under (Katekyo Hitman Reborn OP 8)
>Familia (Katekyo Hitman Reborn ED 15)
>Shunkan Sentimental - Scandal (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fun fun day on Saturday~

This is the link to the photos on the MSSKL Taekwondo in my Facebook page:

and this is the link to the photos on the MSSKL Taekwondo in Liu Jing's Facebook page:

(teehee~ :3)

The reason why I don't wanna put up all the pics here? Coz there's too much of 'em!!!! XD

But anyway, enjoy it all~ <3

Do drop by some comments on our pics ya~~ ^^

Saturday was a magnificent day for me, and I wish to go to next year's MSSKL to buat kecoh there again!!! Like how Liu Jing did!!!! XD

But I'm gonna meet up with the SJI guys again soon~ :3

Hmm....maybe for the Moi's Academy Tournament?? Or the Moi's Dinner~~

Either way, all of us will surely play until too high and in the end become crazy~~ XD

Well....it has been quite long since I played until that crazy~

And hell, it was half an hour before the poomsae event began!!!! We were playing and playing, until we completely forgot about time and training...and they announced for the event at around 12.30pm, then only all of us participants were rushing to go get ready~~

I became very tensed because I was worried for the poomsae group since I screwed up last year...>w<

And, both my legs ended up cramped...and I was doing all my taegeuks with my cramped leg...O.O

But...the result was BRONZE medal....all in all, at least we got something instead of nothing....made our school proud....it's something really great to do before you leave high school~~ :3

Okay, so some of the gila-gila pics that we took during the whole day~~
From left: Dominica Khoo (JIGSS captain), Karpagarasee (JIGSS), Stephanie Teoh @ my "twin" (SMK Sri Hartamas), Bonn Darrius (SJI), Lim Liu Jing (former JIGSS), Stephanie Chong @ me (JIGSS), Michelle Sin (JIGSS) and Viesuieda (JIGSS)

Ngehehehhh~FAMILY PHOTO!!!! <3
(P.S: The chair is annoying~ :P)

And this is the pic of our sweet victory~
From left: Liu Jing, Dominica, Michelle, me, Shaanthyni, Karpagarasee, Viesuieda, and Elissa~ :3


Okay....move on to 25 April @ Sunday~~

After we went to church, then we went to Pavillion for fun~~ X3
My family and I ~~ XD

These are my pictorial reports on yesterday~~ ^w^\/

There was an event called "Paint My Ride" going on at the same time when I was there.
The winners painted on freakin Lamborghinis!!!!
Gorgeous looking cars!!!!!! :3

This is the champion of the "Paint My Ride" is someone from Taylor's (i think). The name of the painting on the car is called "Bull Wave"...? Dun remember....but after seeing this, I finally found out where Lambo (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) 's name came from....XD

This is the first runner up's design~

And this is the 2nd runner-up's design~ (human organs...freaky~ XD)

Back view of the champion's car design...

Rear view of the awesome sexay black Lamborghini...

Front view of the car when I was doing mini photoshoot by some professional photographers....

After taking pics, we went to Pancake House (brings back memories of my time in the Philippines)~
MOE MOE~~ <3

This what I ate....House Special set...yum yummm~~

My mom's meal..."bangus" (not "hangus") fish with rice~ X3 
masarap~~ (delicious in tagalog)

This is what my elder sis drank....apple + grape shake...sweet~~

This red Lamborghini was at the main entrance~~ X3

Side view...
The front view...X3

some dumb random shots...XD

I tried on these clothes in Cotton On...and I camwhored in the dressing room...it's just too gorgeous...and it both costs RM 75 only!!!! <3

Syiok sendiri...

And again~~ XD
Then after that, we went to Forever 21 and tried on some head dress~
I find this one really kiut~~ XD

And again~

My younger sis wearing the black colour version of the head dress I wore~

Perasan sangat punya budak..>XD

Sparkly sparkly floor in Forever 21~

The pureetay necklace I bought from Forever 21~
Only RM 19!!!! So worth it!!!! <3

The overview of the centre court in Pavillion...so many people ady~~

Haha...well, that's it for now~

Countdown to SPM 2010:
210 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

Ciao~ *

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