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Saturday, April 24, 2010

24 April 2010~

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At last...

After waiting for so long...

After wishing for it for so long...

We finally got our wish come true~~

24 April was a historical and memorable day for us SMK (P) Jalan Ipoh girls who went for the MSSKL Taekwondo Tournament in Stadium Badminton Cheras in KL.

The poomsae group...

WON THE BRONZE MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was such an unbelievable feeling to actually bag bronze medal for poomsae group~

Everything seems to be like a dream, but it wasn't. When we performed, we were like lost sheeps. All innocent and the lowest grade among the other schools who were also competing in the poomsae group category. The other groups that we were up against were all like, poom and black belt...OwO

But it was really great to actually (and finally!!) win a medal in MSSKL ever since Shwu Mun bagged a gold medal back when she was in form 5, around...five years ago, I pressume?? X3
Although it's only a bronze medal, but it was an MSSKL medal!!!! That's why it's worth the win~

If you were there, you should see how my reaction was from the moment that our names were announced until I got down from the podium and ran straight to where all the Moi'd Taekwondo people are.



Of course it won't be a weird sight to see my crying like a small baby, coz it's our senior year in SMKPJI and we have participated in MSSKL for the past three years, and no medals were won by us until this year. Is this all God's doing? Yes it is. And I appreciate it. A lot.

Thanx to lotsa people who encouraged me and helped me a lot to go through my panic attack before we began our poomsae event~ ^^
(Oh, each of my leg cramped in two different events: Right foot first, during poomsae individual; Left foot later, during poomsae group. Weird, huh? XD)

Okay. Moving on to the most fun part of the day.

I noticed that the SMKPJI girls get along really well with the SJI guys. (well, each respective schools are same-gendered school...XD)

During the one and half hour before the poomsae event began, all the budak-budak Moi's Academy gathered at one corner of the stadium to do our practises. During our practises, Liu Jing became the life of the party and made us all high till we were completely distracted from our main purpose of gathering together~~~ XDD
There were lots of whacky stuff that we did throughout the whole day. For full report, I shall wait for Liu Jing to post up her pics on Facebook.

We also managed to made lotsa new friends~

Some which are someone whom I've seen for the past three years but never knew that that person is related to someone close to me. *w*

Ah wells....as long as I do get to enjoy myself like what we did today, I don't mind to participate any more upcoming taekwondo events. ^w^\/

hunt hunt my Facebook page for the pics that I took and hunt hunt Liu Jing's profile if you wanna see the full report on the whole misfits that we did today~
If I can get Liu Jing's pics by tomorrow, then I shall post up all the pics from both Liu Jing and I here in you, burogu-chan~ :3

For once, I really felt the bond that I have towards taekwondo~

As for now, I have decided to continue taekwondo for as long as I can manage~~ :3

Countdown to SPM 2010:
212 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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