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Friday, April 30, 2010

30 April 2010~

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>Never Knew I Needed - Ne-Yo (The Princess and the Frog OST)
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>Tsuki no Curse - Reika Okina (Loveless OST)


This is the month with the most posts!!! YAYYY!!!!



today escaped death from the deadline of homeworks....both BM and addmaths teacher extended the deadline for the homeworks that were due today to Monday~ Oh yeyy~ more time to finish up my homeworks~~ :3

And I officially understand the Vectors topic in Add Maths~ XD
Coz when teacher asked us to complete the Formative Practice section of our work book (the part where we have to solve brain-splitting questions) I managed to solve all the paper 2 Vectors questions without the help of add maths genious, Michiru~
felt proud of myself for a moment there~ XD

went to taekwondo practice as on usual Fridays~
Today we did various 3-step sparring. My partner was my beloved junior, Mun Yin. (yes, the girl who is so darn flexible~ X3)
She catches up with the lesson really quick. One thing that I like in her. OwO She also cooperates well. hehe...and damn, her bones are hard.... .__. When she blocked my punch, it freakin hurts...now I have bruises on both my arms... >M<
But it's okay. As a senior, it's important to know that the juniors are doing well. And heck yea, she's doing well~ :D

After taekwondo practice and my lunch (YES!!! I didn't eat during reccess....it has been a habit of mine since before....I think it was to save money...? XD), I went to the library to claim my RM95 pengawas blazer...DAMN NICE~!!!!!! Can't wait to wear it next Monday~ :D
I'll take the pic of my blazer next Monday while I wear my full uniform so it'll look better~

Niaaa~~ tomorrow going to Hana-taichou's house for study group, practice our performance for the upcoming teacher's day and become giler for one day to release the stress that we have been facing this whole week. Well, having a study group is cheap and affordable to those who don't wanna go for tuition. Hehe~
That's me of course!!!!! Not only it's expensive, it also takes up all my time to rest properly. Hmph. If I were to go for tuition classes, I might end up a dead person sooner or later~~ O.Olll

Guess that's about it for today~

Countdown to SPM 2010:
206 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!


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