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Monday, January 3, 2011

03 Jan 2011 (2): Comic Fiesta 2010 day 1 pictorial report

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Ohai, world!!! XD
Yup, second post for the day~

Forgive me, but I don't think there's anything much more productive for me to do now.
Although I did say that I wanted to go do a part time job, but since I'm packed with the responsibility to monitor my younger sis who's just entered high school and also to help out my mom at home, so I guess I just have to scrap that idea for the meantime until I have the green light from both my mom and dad to allow me to take up a part time job.

So, in a previous post back in December, I mentioned that I will be posting up the word and pictorial report of Comic Fiesta 2010 seperately so that the posts won't be messy everywhere~ >w<

So I hereby present to you some of the chosen pictures that I've taken in day one with my crappy handphone. I'll upload day 2 pics in the next post so that it'll be more organized~ ^^



Date: 18 December 2010
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, 14th Floor Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL

Arrived there at approximately 10.30am. And when we arrived, there was this much people in front of us~~

and this much people behind us~~
AT 10.30 AM~~
We managed to skip the line somehow~ we went straight to the line to buy the two-day tickets. Skipped the rest of the people and saved 5 minutes~XD
ran excitedly all the way to the hall after that~
This is the first thing that caught my eyes~ 8D so cuteeeeee~~

This is the stage in the morning~ the hall is still empty at this hour since it's just the beginning of the day~ :D

trolled back outside the hall to go find for people that I know~ and before I found any of my other friends, I saw this hawt Hibari leaning against the wall at one corner, so I decided to walk up to him and take a pic with him~ >w<
isn't he a hawtie~ |3

Spotted this Madness of Duke Venomania Gumi and Shizuo hanging out together, so I decided to snap a photo of the both of them together~ :3

We walked around outside the hall and Airi came forward to us~ she looks so cute as this character (which...i dunno what character is this~ |D)
Jackpot pose desu~ >w<

Hanatsu's turn to jackpot with Airi~ 8D

(btw, I fail at guessing characters that are not so famous OTL")

Somehow, he looks a bit like KANAME*~ 8D

Nyuuuuu~~ these foreigners did a pretty good job in cosplaying as Charmander, Bulbasaur & Pikachu from Pokemon~~ >w< <3

Kawaii Chopper is kawaii!!! <3

Mai dear Zee posing SHO DAMN CUTE with the SHO DAMN CUTE Chopper~ XD

(Lol, I kinda like this pic~ XD)

Around 11.30am to 12pm, the line is still SO DAMN LONG~~ they had to make U-turns!! D8

Kakak and abang helping adik to put on his wig properly~ WITH the use of a wig cap~


My 75% complete Miku Magnet original version and same goes to Hanatsu's Mikuo too~ :)
oh damn, I love this Dino and Hibari~ they might be shorter than me *ish shot* but they look farking awesome~~ 8D <3

Yayyys!! A second encounter with the Chua twins~
this is Fion, as Ichijou from "Vampire Knight"~ :3

Hanatsu charming this lovely Rin~ :D

The two host entertaining the massive crowd of people~ just a couple more minutes before the solo competition begins~ :D
(P.S: they made fun of Justin Bieber!! >w<)

Oh, I'm so IN LOVE with this BJD~ <3

Somehow, it gives me a "Ciel & Sebastian" feel when I see these two gorgeous BJDs~

YAYYS!!! After so long, finally got to meet with Ryuujin!!! <3
from left: Hanatsu, Ryuujin, me~ :)

Tsunaaa kakkoiiii!!!! >w<

Pardon me for my blurness, but I seriously have no idea what are these characters~ >.<
but they look awesome~ 8D

We promised that I'll hunt for him on day 1, and I found him!!!
This is me and Alistair~ :D

Alistair and Hanatsu~ :D
these two know each other coz both of them were in the KHR cosplay group in CF2009~

Picture with the one and only Spacechan!!! XD
She said that she wasn't cosplaying on that day. But with the wig and that bishie look, who says she doesn't look like she's cosplaying?? DX

This cute trio, Basil, Tsuna and a smaller Tsuna, caught my attention when I first saw them~ Basil and the older Tsuna is so cute!! <3 So is the small Tsuna!! XD
They look like sibilings, don't you think? Coz they look like one another~~

Witness the awesomeness of the line of JIGSS cosplayers!!! <3

Nekotards took over Comic Fiesta 2010!! O.O

The awesome Vocaloid Sandplay of Dragon group~ :D
Miku: Celine, Gumi: papa Celestia, Len: cousin Hapi, Gakupo: schoolmate Sakurai.
Gomen ne, but I dunno who's the Rin and Luka~ >.<

Family portrait!! <3
We have a...pretty weird family relationship. My papa is Celestia and my cousin is Hapi, then Celestia and Hapi are couples~~ if this is so, then what am I in that relationship??? D8

My kawaii kuma-chan birthday present from my dearest Zee~
I named the bear Dino~ XDXD
(while my other bear, the blue one is called Len Tsukimori~ 8D)

The gorgeous Vocaloid Cantarella couple!!! <3 Oh, damn, I love this pair~ they are the reason why I want to do Miku Cantarella this year~ ;w;

Pardon me, but I seriously dunno what anime/manga/game is it~ >.<
but, wow, they are marvelous!!!
from the right, the second one (blonde with white costume) is the ever so famous Ayase, and the third one (purple with gold details around the neck) is Ayase's famous partner, the beautiful Kikyo~ :D

ooh, look who we found!! XD
the Reno is actually the daughter of my high school's counselling teacher!!! XD

girl, boy, boy~~ aishhh~~ I feel so left out~ =3=

me and Kaname~ I forgot what's his real name ady~~ o3o

 is it me, or this Zero has a cool aura surrounding him~ 8D

 Weez as Sebastian and...uh...someone as Ciel~ >w<

I like this Byakuran, surprisingly!!! XD

Ah, THIS IS the girl that I was hunting for the whole day!!! XD
This is Tsukino desu~ :D


Those are some of the pics that I took on day one.
I apologize if there are some pictures that were blur. My photography skills suck, even when I'm using my handphone camera~ =="

So, whadaya think so far? >w<

hehe, this is only day one~~

I'm gonna proceed to the post for day two now~

SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I'm addicted to drinking water now...and going to toilet...thanx to my mild dehydration earlier today~ ==")
(P.P.S: I think I'm hooked with BoA's "Hurricane Venus" !! XD)

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