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Monday, January 3, 2011

03 Jan 2011 (3): Comic Fiesta 2010 day 2 pictorial report

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I know this is crazy, but this is the first time ever that I've created 3 posts in a day!!!

Well, you've seen the pictures from my point of view of CF2010 day one~
So, right now, you're about to see the pictures from day two!!!!

Well, before I proceed, let me tell you first, that the pictures that I've taken with my handphone camera isn't so much and not so nice too, because was too busy being photographed~ (can't blame the photographers~ ==") I did took some, but it wasn't too much~

The blur pics are all taken by me, whereas the pictures that are of high resolutions are saved (or rather stolen) from Rina's album (specially for us Fujoshi High School members only~) and also from other people's albums~~

So, now, the last post of the day, I hereby present to you the pictures of Comic Fiesta 2010 day 2 from my point of view (and a few others)~


(btw, credits are given to all the photographers of the pictures that i've saved from them. All the pictures that i've saved from them belongs to them~ but I'm really sorry if i forgot anyone's name, because there are some pictures whose photographer's name I don't remember~ >.<)

Date: 19 December 2010
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, 14th Floor Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL

A delight to see in the beginning of the day!!!
Kawaii chibi Bleach cosplayers are KAWAIII!!!! wwww <3


Rokudo Mukuro__Airi
Hibari Kyouya__ -dunnothenameOTL-

Jam-packed situation everywhere~ @@

The "perasan" person and the CF committee!!! XD

Hiroyuki Sayuta (original character)__me
Son Goku__Waninoko


May I introduce to you this lovely young lady, Ro.Bea.Ril~ <3
Jacinta @ Ro.Bea.Ril is a really awesome original character cosplayer~ she's done so many original characters which are really nice and very original~ :D

Ah, I like this pic~~ XD
coz I look very gentleman-ish, especially with the way I hold Ro.Bea.Ril's hand~ XDXD

argh grahhh graahhhh~~ this is one hawt Dino~ >w< <3
too bad I was cosplaying as a guy here, if not the picture would've been NICER~ 8D
and my face looks kinda chubby here~ ;w;
Hiroyuki Sayuta__me
Dino Cavallone__Seki

Cheesuuu!!! <3
-VOCALOID2 Magnet original + Cantarella version-

[from left]
Mikuo Hatsune__Hanatsu Matsuno
Miku Hatsune__me
Kaito Shion__Nixon Daisuke
Len Kagamine__Jonathan Eu

photo credits: Kura Pixx

Pose for the photographers~ ;3

photo credits: Chye Boon

The tale of the Hatsune lovers~

photo credits: Eclair-Nyanko Aiai

Is it wrong for us to fall in love...?

photo credits: 洁颖

the debut of the Fujoshi High School group, with the absence of the leader, Molly~~ >w< she was still preparing herself~ wwww

22 out of the full 26 members who owns the coat~
one of the biggest cosplay group to ever debut in Comic Fiesta and also the largest and most successful original group to debut in Malaysia~

Molly: Oi, mana si Rina ni??
everyone: who cares?? we have to keep posing here!!!

The science class students of Fujoshi High School~ :)

[from left]
_Kanzaki Kira
_Midori Qi
_Rina Chan
_Hinata Cher
_Kaoru Sora

photo credits: Rina Chan (for editing the picture)

We are the school's awesome seme group~ >D

photo credits: Rina Chan (for editing the picture)

Together we are one!! XD

photo credits: Rina Chan (for editing the picture)


Really sorry ne for the lack of pictures compared to day 1~ >.<
actually, I still have like, TONS of photos to anticipate and look forward to~
there's still a bunch of photos from our Fujoshi private photoshoot session that hasn't been uploaded by our photgrapher, Jeremy.
So I think you should be expecting a third pictorial post on Comic Fiesta 2010 from me ~ 8D

the third post will consist of only the photos from the photoshoot session as there is quite a lot of it~
So, sorry to say that you'll have to wait for Jeremy to upload the pics for us before I could save them all and post it up in my blog~ :)


Annoying parents are annoying, especially when they keep forcing you to go to bed when you don't want to~~ >:|

Anyways, I do have to sleep earlier tonight to get rid of this really, really big eyebags of mine that I've gotten from last night due to me sleeping really late last night OTL"

So, this is where I will say...

this is your cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino...


SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I'm craving to do an official photoshoot for Miku anytime soon within this 3 months' time before I leave for NS~ anyone wanna join me or offer yourself as a photographer? I wanna plan early~ >w<)

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