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Monday, January 24, 2011

24 Jan 2011: Greenlight for CNY photoshoot

||Mood||: Happeh!!!! Found myself a new song to love again ~

||Currently listening to||
> Amendment - Shiomaru @ Shio Yee (original song, tribute to "Shonen Onmyouji") [yeap, this is my new fave song~ :D)
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Doubt & Trust - Access ("D-Gray Man" OP)
> Dear - Miku Hatsune
> Claire de Lune ~piano version~ - Debussy


Hey there again~ :D
Currently still working on chapter 5 of my KHR fanfic project, which I hoped that I could finish up by 90% today (in which I failed to do so), but kinda ran out of ideas for it, so I decided to go refresh and relax my mind a little by browsing through some songs on YouTube and go blog surfing~ :D Been to countless blogs in less than an hour~ XD
Found a couple of really nice songs, like Shiomaru's latest song that she's uploaded on YouTube, "Amendment" which she's written as a tribute to one epicly awesome anime, "Shonen Onmyouji". The melody of the song is really, really beautiful. The type of melody that can melt right into your heart and touch your soul, capable of moving you to tears. The lyrics too. They are...wow, so meaningful. (currently set as my new lullaby..."Glow" too, of course~ |3)

I shall share the song and the lyrics tomorrow, kayz? Coz today's post shall be about cosplay photoshoot~ ^^

Okay, so, remember about the Chinese New Year-themed cosplay photoshoot that I've mentioned in the below section of one of my previous posts?
Hoho, I've been dying to get a greenlight from my parents from two weeks ago.
I've been pretty nervous to get the permission from them since I began planning it, so it was a pretty hard time for me. Q_Q

Then today........
From God knows where, I asked for their permission to go for the photoshoot without even picking up any courage to do so. Only until after I've finished my sentence of question, then I've realized about it. At first, I was like, OH DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But then, they just asked where, when and how long will the shoot take. And after explaining to them on those details, they just told me to make sure that whatever that I said is true and just take care of myself.


Talk about having really strict parents.

They used to control me from hanging out with my friends.
And now, to see them actually agreeing on letting me go for cosplay photoshoots, I'm thinking that they've finally come to a realization that cosplay is something that I love to do, and at least I'm doing something non-hazardous (???) while I'm waiting for my SPM results to be announced.
Well, good to know that they're, although not encouraging, but at least they understand and they give me permission to do it as long as I don't go overboard on it.

(then again, looking at the situation now, there might be a tiny hint of possibility that I'll be going overboard on my future cosplay plans... ;_; think about Miku Cantarella...and Code Geass....OTL")

Still, good to know that this cosplay issue between my parents and I are finally on the right track. Both sides are happy with the decision, and no arguement or hatred required~ *w*

Now....this Saturday's photoshoot, organized by Fiona @ Rin, will be a Chinese New Year-themed photoshoot, set to be held in The Curve shopping mall from 9am-6pm. (I won't stay around for THAT long. Maybe I'll be heading back home at 3pm or so~ >.<)
So, if you have any plans to go to The Curve this Saturday, do keep an eye out for us!! ^^
I'll be as megane Miku again (had to be a megane Miku, coz my contact lenses, the one for my right eye, is TORN!!!!!!) and I will be wearing a red blouse, a flowery skirt, maybe my sis's green wedges heels and some CNY-ish hair decorations (RED RIBBONS!!!!! ^w^) Props shall be the backdrop (duh~~ >w>) and some CNY things like the CNY decorations and angpaus~

[speaking of angpau, I need to collect a lot of angpau money this year to compensate my cosplay budget, or else I'm gonna have to stick to 3 cheaper cosplay plans for this year~ QAQ]

Hurhurhurrrr, can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >W<


All the thinking for my fanfiction has made my brain died yet once again for the night.

So I shall hit the sack earlier than usual for the night.

This is your Kuroshitsuji/KHR/cosplay/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino........



(P.S: Who here knows how to put on fake eyelashes?? ;w; I might be wearing one for the first time for this Saturday's shoot, and I'm scared that the lashes won't stay~~)

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