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Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 Jan 2011: VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year 2011 photoshoot (official)

||Mood||: HAPPY!!! Coz yesterday's photoshoot was a success~ and the pics all turned out very pretty~ :D <3

||Currently listening to||
> Amendment - Shiomaru @ Shio Yee (original song, tribute to "Shonen Onmyouji")
> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
> Note to God - Charice Pempengco
> Telephone - Lea Michele & Charice Pempengco ("Glee")
> Just Be Friends ~piano version~


Hey, everyone!! :D
How have you guys been yesterday?
I was away for the whole day yesterday coz of the Chinese New Year cosplay photoshoot~
damn, which was so much fun!! >w< <3
It WAS supposed to be a COSPLAY photoshoot, whereby all different characters from different animes/games/manga would be present, but in the end, it was only VOCALOID2 characters that popped out~ XD
in the end, we had to name the photoshoot as the VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year photoshoot~ |3
but, it was all fun~ ^^

okay, so, pictures from yesterday's shoot will be divided into 4 posts, which is the official photoshoot by Potter, behind the scene photoshoots by Shiomaru, after-official photoshoot by Rin and photos by junior photographer Eugene Kaito. The first 3 set of pics will be up by this week while the 4th one by Eugene will be up by probably next week, as he mentioned.

and this post will be, as stated in the title of the post, the official one by Potter~

ENJOY!!! ^w^ <3


+Chinese New Year 2011 photoshoot+

||29 January 2011, Saturday||
||The Curve||

Molest the pole!!!
Lololololollll, joking~ XD

Four of us wishing everyone out there...

Pose for the camera~
(I have nice glasses~ XD)

MikuXMikuo, CHEESE!! <3
(ah!! I can see my black hair!! OAO)

PLAY TIME!!! >w<
We Vocaloids are always happy~ :D

Smile, pose...CLICK!!


(There's a full shot of this pose on what I'm ACTUALLY doing, I think in Eugene's camera~ XD so, wait til then when I get the pics from him to see what the heck I'm doin~ :D and yea, I know, my black hair is visible, especially that the camera used is high-resolutioned~ =_=|||)

If you want to get this much angpaos from Miku herself, you must first go through this "Ring of Fortune"~
[quoted by Shiomaru~ XD]

from bottom up, it's the cheerful Vocaloids greeting and wishing you Happy Chinese New Year!! :D

1, 2, 3.......



After the full Chinese New Year photoshoot, we went around the Curve to do some more photoshoot of a different theme~ ;)
We tried out to make the shoot look like "Just Be Friends" scenes mixed with "Magnet" and "Paper Airplane", which, I donno~ doesn't seem like any of it~XD
though initially the whole thing didn't come along with a storyline, I decided to put one in~
and which think...was....failed...? |3


+Muli-themed photoshoot session+

||29 January 2011, Saturday||
||outside Tenshi no Cafe, The Curve||

The girls are making their decisions.
The boys are devising their plans to play with their hearts.

Is it a genuine love?
Or is there something else that is bound to happen?

Under confusion, I'm always left alone........

And in midst those lonely moments, he would always come around to make me happy and ease my lonliness......

We both love each other.....
as friends...or as lovers...? we both don't know......

(p.s: camera flash made my face super white~ *_*)

Although I know that I have him,
yet, in the end...
I'm still...always lonely........

[weird storyline, I know, thank you very much~ |D]


End of the official photoshoot!! XD

There were loads more of it that we've taken, but I didn't get it coz Potter didn't uploaded it. I was searching my pic that I took with Hannah at the signboard of Tenshi no Cafe just outside that cafe.
(Btw, info to those who doesn't know about this: Tenshi no Cafe has been closed temporarily and will only resume business on 01 March 2011. Don't ask me why~ >.>)

Hoho, as always, I'll leave my fave for the last~ ^^
and this is my ultimate favourite solo shot of the day~ :D

Megane Miku Hatsune wishing all of my fellow blog readers a very Happy Chinese New Year in this year of the rabbit!! Have an awesome CNY and get loads of angpaos!!! XD




megane Miku Hatsune > Yukino @ me
Mikuo Hatsune (black vest) > Hanatsu Matsuno
Mikuo Hatsune (red jacket) > Hannah Wong
Rin Kagamine > Fiona @ Rin


> Potter SamLeong (main photographer)
> Shiomaru @ Shio Yee (behind the scene @ omake photographer)
> Eugene Kaito (a-bit-of-this-and-that photographer)


I'm currently in the progress of saving the pictures for each of the stated different posts. And right now, I've just finished collecting the pictures from the after-official photoshoot by Fiona, which was only 7 pictures coz apparently I look farneh in all the other shots~ ;w;
Now I'm starting to save the pictures from Shiomaru's camera, which is all the ones that are categorised as "behind the scene"~ ^^
saved one of it only for now as I have to go to sleep now~ :D
The behind the scene post will be up tomorrow once I finished saving them. ^^

Til then,
this is your KHR/yaoi/Kuroshitsuji/cosplay fanatic cosplayer, Yukino....




(P.S: Those in Malaysia, you do realize that it has been raining for the whole day, right? Well, since it's pretty cold now due to the whole-day rain, I shall sleep comfyly tonite~ ^w^ <3 Buonanotte, everyone~)

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