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Monday, January 3, 2011

03 Jan 2011: Recalling memories from high school....

||Mood||: Feeling  a little emo-ish from recalling all my high school memories.... ;^;

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It's been over 5 years since I first stepped into the grounds of Jalan Ipoh Girls Secondary School, a particularly famous girls school in the area. At that time, I was pretty much like a lost girl, not just in terms of being in a new environment, but also in terms of beginning a new chapter in my life.

I seemed to be a little confident at first that I'm able to fit into the place in just one day, considering that I've faced similar situations for the last few years of my life.

But I was wrong.

I found it pretty hard to fit in with my classmates in 1 Bestari, not that they're mean or anything, just that I chickened out with the new people that were around me~ QuQ
But, of course, I slowly opened up myself to everyone and got along with them well.
Soon enough, our class is filled with loud chitter chatters and laughters that makes the teacher feel extremely annoyed by us~ |D

Soon, I learned the true side of this school, how all the seniors of this school survive through the roughest conflicts, and faced a couple of rough conflicts as well.

But that's all normal for a high school student.
We high school students go through a whole lot of conflicts every now and then.
We grow up to be more mature through surviving these conflicts, making us even more stronger and more mature in terms of the way we think and how we make decisions.

Now, looking back at everything from form one all the way to form five, I've seen myself grown from a naive young stupid (yes, stupid~) girl to a more mature and confident girl, taking all challenges given to me and completing them with confidence.

And, looking back at all those times, I realized that...

My life in high school had never been better.

A life without heavy responsibilities.

A life without big worries.

A life without so much hardships.

A life where we all enjoy the most.

And I will never swap it with anything in this world.



Five years after I first stepped into JIGSS, I'm back again on the first day of school in JIGSS for the 6th year. Not to be part of the student body again, but as a companion for my young sis, Frances @ Aiyuko who is a freshman in the awesome JIGSS. She seems all happy today~ and excited too~ considering that she's looking forward to be a much more productive person this year, she wishes to be a good and bright student throughout her high school year.
I'm so proud for her being able to skip remove class and enter straight into form 1. I doubted her before this, but she proved that she can do it. So, I'm really proud of her~ :3
and I really hope that all my juniors will take care of her while in school and while I'm away for NS!!!

Same to the teachers too.
Since there's a great number of afternoon session teachers who knows Frances, so I believe that Frances is in good hands for the first three months of form one.

And I'm hoping to see Frances spreading her wings and soaring high up in the sky in all 5 years of high school.

I wish all the best for her.

And also to all form 1 newbies in JIGSS,



I'm off to go take a rest for while now~

maybe I'll be posting up some of Comic Fiesta pictures in my next post today~ XD

I'll see you later then!! >w<

SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I drank so much water today, thanks to my easy-to-be-dehydrated problem~ I keep going to toilet since just now~ ;3;)

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