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Monday, January 31, 2011

31 Jan 2011: VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year 2011 photoshoot (after-official) -to be updated again-

||Mood||:  A bit moody~ mom just scolded me for no good reason~ =3=

||Currently listening to||
> Claire de Lune ~piano version~ - Debussy ("Snow Prince" soundtrack)
> Just Be Friends ~Piano version~
> Dear ~piano version~
> When I Look At You ~piano version~
> Shunkan Sentimental ~piano version~
> Diamond Crevasse ~piano version~
> Seikan Hikou ~piano version~
> Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi ~piano version~

[it's all about songs in piano covers today~ :D]


Hello hello again there!!! XD

In today's post, I'm continuing the full pictorial report on the VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year photoshoot from last Saturday.
And today, it'll be the pics from the after-official photoshoot, taken using Fiona @ Rin's camera.

I actually only saved like, a couple of pictures  from the whole album, coz only those were the really nices ones~ ;w;

anyways, do enjoy them~ ^^


+After-official photoshoot+

||29 January 2011, Saturday||
||Garden Cafe, The Curve||

Let's all listen to some nice songs through Mikuo's headphone~ :D

Through the fountain~ :D
(hehe, aint this shot familiar to you? *w*)

I opened the cage!!! 8D now I'm free!!! (<--- lame one, I know~ )
[and my facial expression is...odd...weird....]

Help us!!! We're trapped!!! QAQ

Let's make some beautiful melody.....

[and i fail at doing a piano-playing pose...doesn't look so realistic now, eh? >w>]

Together, we make a beautiful harmony~ <3

[we were currently playing "Just Be Friends" in the pic~ :3]

Casual shot!!! :D <3




megane Miku Hatsune > Yukino @ me
Mikuo Hatsune > Hannah Wong
megane Rin Kagamine > Fiona @ Rin

(gomen ne, Hanatsu, didn't saved a pic of you~ ;__; i shall find a few of yours and update in this post, kay? FORGIVE ME!!!! ><)


> Fiona @ Rin (owner of camera)
> Hanatsu Matsuno
> Yukino @ me
> Hannah Wong

(we took turns to take pics of each other, lol~ |3)

So so so so sooooooooooooo sorry for the lack of photos, coz the computer was lagging while I was saving the pics~ >.<
I shall update this post again when I manage to save more of the pics from Rin's album, kay?

Now, moving on to the next one, which is the "behind the scene" shoots by Shiomaru!! <3

this is your cosplay/kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi fanatic cosplayer, Yukino....




(P.S: It has been cloudy for the whole day, and it was raining for close to 37 hours from yesterday til earlier today, so it's been pretty cold today~ brrrr~~ *shivers*)

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