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Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 Jan 2011: To my sister....

||Mood||: Sad + rage = I WANNA KILL THAT BASTARD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've seen so many people that I love around me, being hurt, offended and oppressed to the breaking point, to the point of depression. Some gradually heals from that wound and is able to start anew with a stronger heart and will in them; there's also some of them who succumbed to that depression and gradually loses their confidence and forgets the meaning of their existence in this world. They won't take their life away by suicide, but they do stay caged up in their depression for a very long period of time to the point that they no longer see the reason for them to continue their usual lives.

This post is dedicated especially to my elder sister, SerenaT, who has recently been hurt by a guy whose heartless, cruel and offensive words had crumbled her completely, and this post is for her to give her and all the other girls out there with similar problems some support and words of wisdom to help heal the wounds, maybe not completely, but at least a little to ensure that they will see that being toppled over by something small is not the end of the world yet.


Y'see, there has been a lot of news reports on papers and also on TV news about girls committing suicide after being dumped or hurt by their boyfriends. Maybe not all are girls. There are guys too. But I'm focusing more on the girls' side due to my sister.
And I feel really lucky that my sister has never had any intentions to commit suicide despite being toppled over several times.
It does take time for her to heal from the wound caused by that guy, but then, although she does seem like she's fine with it, but I know, somewhere deep down in her heart, she just can't let go of it.

She's been hurt by 2 guys before this, and I've witnessed it with my very own eyes. And now that she's hurt again by this 3rd stupid asshole, I can no longer stand at one corner and see her cry her eyes out while I just see her do so.

I used to like this 3rd guy (not that I love him, I just find him as a guy who is perfect for my sister who would love her whole-heartedly and not cheat on her~) and I trusted in him to take care of my sister's fragile heart and soul, but in the end, he's just another useless retarded asshole who knows nothing else better than to just hurt my sister with words. I mean, all of us do know that word hurts one's heart more than injuries.

There are many girls out there who have faced the same kind of problem before, I know. Having a boyfriend who at first, was dying to become the guy of your life, and when they got it, they just treat you like you're nothing. They'd take control of the relationship and gives the girls no chance to do something that they are deserved to do, which I call as "gender discrimination".

This gender discrimination thing has been happening in my sis's relationship. A blog post directing to one of her male friend sparked a rampage in the 3rd guy, making him mad and, unbelievably, calling my sister a "Slut" as she mentioned that she loves her male friend in that blog post of hers. I mean, is it wrong to tell a friend, even a male friend, that you love them? It's a love from a friend to a friend!!! I can't understand why this 3rd guy don't get what a love to a friend means. (heh~ maybe he doesn't even love ANY of his friends~ male AND female~ >.>)


Obviously, if he really really loves my sister, then he should understand what she thinks and feels, not just rampaging without a good reason. Though it can cause jealousy, but it shouldn't have been taken into such account to the point that he would call my sister a slut.



I've been living with my sister longer than you asshole, and I know everything about her. AND, as far as I'm concerned, she's NOT a slut. SHE NEVER SLEPT WITH A GUY. NOT ONCE.
If you really love her, then why hurt her?

If all you know is just to hurt her, then you're already prepared to go into your grave soon.

Whatever you did that hurt her, hurts me too.

Whatever offensive things that you said to her, offended me too.

Coz she's my sister, and sisters stand up for one another when one of them faces problems.

You can do nothing to crumble her confidence. Coz all that you'll see is SerenaT recovering from her pain and strutting down the streets in front of you as a proud and confident girl, a girl who would never ever fall down in life because of what you did.

So, if this continues any longer, you must be ready to go rot in hell, coz you'd never know when I'll send you there.


Dear SerenaT and all the other girls out there,

though those words are really hurtful and it crumbles you in every possible way, you must always remember that you are in charge of your life. You are the ruler of your life. No one, especially retarded boyfriends, can take control of it. You shouldn't be afraid of them, because what you have in you is what makes you stronger and more confident.
You don't need a boyfriend to raise your self-esteem.
All you need is your girlfriends and your confidence.
That's what makes you invincible.

So the next time you get hurt the same way and things don't get any better, just remember...



Haha, I never thought of becoming a counsellor, since I'm not really good in phsycology~ XD

But, hey, if you have any problems regarding relationships, I can help with what ever way I can.

One last note to all you girls out there: being single is AWESOME.

this is your cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino......




(P.S: I'm a personal counsellor to my sister~ XD)

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