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Monday, January 31, 2011

31 Jan 2011 (2): VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year 2011 photoshoot (behind the scenes)

||Mood||: A bit frustrated...server is unusually sucky today~ D:<

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> Glow - Miku Hatsune APPEND DARK
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> Alice - Miku Hatsune
> Koi Suru Vocaloid - Miku Hatsune
> The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku - Miku Hatsune

[it's a parade of madness for Miku's song~ 8D <3]


Ohai there again!! :D

It's time for some omakes from our VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year photoshoot, courtesy of Shiomaru~ (yes, THE Shiomaru that I've mentioned before in one of my previous posts~ :3)

here we go!!!! XD


+Behind the scenes of the Chinese New Year photoshoot+

||29 January 2011, Saturday||
||The Curve||

Getting ready~~ distributing the angpaos to everyone to be used in the shoot~~

Rehearsing for this pose to be used in the shoot~ all of us nearly tipped over a couple of times~ XD

Shio's shot of Potter taking the solo shot of me~ XD
(lame pose of mine, ohohohohoooooo~ |D)

Trying to balance ourselves~ XD

My wig....it's being pulled!!!! D8
They're bullying me!!!!!!!! *Cries like a baby*

Triangular PUNCH!!!! XD

The Ring of Fate~ 8D
If you want all the angpaos from my hands, then you have to go through this ring first~ *w*

Choo-choo train~~ :3

Wheeeee~~~ \(>w<)/

Spread the Chinese New Year love~ :D <3

Gambling using....angpaos....? =.=|||

remember the shot of me that was taken from top view? Well, this was what these three people were doing to prepare me for this shot. Hurhurrr, if only the angpaos were just scattered about instead of placed like that, I think it would've looked nicer~ XD

and no, I'm not doing a pose of me being dead~ :P

Harhar, I know, it looks farneh~ =w=

Run, run, run, run, run~~~
(Potter: Yes, just keep running towards this direction....just DON'T KNOCK OVER MY TRIPOD STAND!!! OuO)

Mikuo proposing to Miku with a....

cookie-shaped compact mirror~ =w=

Shio took this shot from the entrance to the underground carpark~ 8D
luckily no car was passing by while she took this shot~ XD

Testing jump~ :D
(actually, I think this one looks nice compared to the official one, coz this one is of the whole view of our body~ ^^)


 Miku & Rin: I'm thinking...I'm thinking...I'm thinking...
Mikuo & Mikuo (lol...? XD): *strike an awesome pose* hohohohohooo~~ *w*

When no one's around by my side, I can finally show my true emotions - I may be all happy-go-lucky at all times, but in reality...
I'm always lonely.....



megane Miku Hatsune > Yukino @ me
Mikuo Hatsune (black vest) > Hanatsu Matsuno
Mikuo Hatsune (red jacket) > Hannah Wong
Rin Kagamine > Fiona @ Rin


> Potter SamLeong (main photographer)
> Shiomaru @ Shio Yee (behind the scene @ omake photographer)
> Eugene Kaito (a-bit-of-this-and-that photographer)


And that's a wrap on the VOCALOID2 Chinese New Year photoshoot 2011 pictorial report!! ^^
as promised, the previous post (the after-official report) will be updated soon after I've saved more pictures from Fiona's album. And, the pictures from Eugene's camera will be posted up here when he's uploaded them~ :D

Well, the whole photoshoot session was a blast~ XD
now I'm waiting for the purikura photos from Fiona to be scanned and posted up on FB so that I can save them and post 'em up here too~ :D
I also have a set of purikura photos taken with all the cosplayers of this photoshoot, but my scanner's dead, so all I can do is just take a blur shot of it with my lousy crappy handphone~ ;__; but I'll save it to be uploaded together with the rest of the purikura pictures taken on that day~ ^^

Well, I really hope that I can do another few more photoshoot sessions before I leave for National Service~ coz, at least while waiting for it, I can do something that is benefitial (??) and not something that harms me from inside out~ X3


A little note on my fanfiction project:
I had loads of stuffs to do: house chores, photoshoot preparations....argh.....
I don't want to delay any longer, because as you know, the longer I delay, my interest towards it will slowly start to decrease~ ;A;
I really really want this KHR fanfiction project to be completed before I leave for National Service, coz i know, after I come back from National Service, I no longer have the freedom and time to completely focus on my fanfiction.

Once again, I apologize whole-heartedly for delaying the publication date of chapter 5 until now~ I promise, I shall begin to work on it again from tomorrow onwards and try to finish 'em up within these few weeks' time~ >.<


Well, I better be off now~
gotta sleep earlier tonite, coz i was sleep deprived last nite~ ;w;

this is your cosplay/Kuroshitsuji/KHR/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino.......




(P.S: Though it's not raining now, but it's still freezing cold~ ;w; is it going to snow in Malaysia soon...? o.o)

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