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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

04 Jan 2011: Of a bishie~ (delayed post)

||Mood||: I'm in heaven~ <3

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> Loop - Maaya Sakamoto ("Tsubasa Chronicles" ED)
> Triangular ~fight on stage~ - May'n & Megumi Nakajima ("Macross Frontier" OP)
> Tsuki no Curse - Okina Reika ("Loveless" OP)
> Close to You - It's ("Papa to Kiss in the Dark" OST)
> Loop - Heidi. ("Kaichou wa Maid-sama" ED)
> Fairy Tail main theme
> Rain - SID
> Airplanes - B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams


Hurrays for my 100th blog post!!! <3

This is the 100th post in my blog since I opened this blog, and it has been a pretty long time since that time.
For those who have been loyally following my blog and my not-so-constant update of my life, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys a bunch!! :D
And I hope that you guys (and gals~ ;D) will continue to visit my blog, leave me a message and keep up with my average life which is constantly filled with awesome events~ ;D


Entering the god-knows-what-day of my free from SPM life, and I'm still doing nothing benefitial for myself, like finding a part time job or doing something else rather than just sitting around at home, rolling on the bed reading mangas, sitting in front of the computer Facebook-ing, blogging and tweeting...argh, life is so bored without school~ TTwTT

So, what the hell do I do with my life to make it more fun?

Well, to stalk pictures of bishies and awesome eye candies, of course!!!

Not just cosplayers, but also some of my favourite anime/manga/game characters.
(WOOTS~!! <3)

Well, for those who really really knows what are my interests, then you would definitely know who is the first bishie character that I would find for, right?

Yup, you've guessed it!!



Oh, don't mind me, I'm just another fangirl who tends to be fangirling at all times and mostly when she sees the pictures of her fave cosplayers and her fave characters.

(Japanese cosplayer Sei as Dino?? Now THAT'S worth the drool~ 8D)

huhu, damn yeah, Dino is the ultimate bishie that I've ever seen and actually really fall in love with. (no joke man!!! It's as if he's really my boyfriend~ >w< <3)

I know, the way I'm in love with him is just wayyyy overboard, right?
But that's just how my heart and mind works.
and sometimes I just wish that he was real and that I'm his real girlfriend and one day, we shall marry each other~ :D

*gets bricked by everyone*

Okay! Okay! I'm sorry~~ =3=

But, don't any of you faced this kind of situation before?

Where you are so damn head over heels for this one certain person (when I say this one certain person, I do mean people like artists/anime characters) and you imagine yourself being the one and only person for that person that you love?

Well, same goes for me in this situation now~


But, then...dreams like these will never actually come true~ *sighs*

By the way, for so long since you knew that I'm a Dino fanatic (and you are wondering what is so special about him~ XD), do you ever wonder what traits of him that makes me fall for him?

Well~ it's all applicable in my fanfiction story that I'm working on now.

You know, the one which is entitled "On the Road to the Catena Inheritance Battle" ?

If you do know, then thanx~ ^^

Everything about Iratella is actually everything about me.
Everything about her is everything about me (except for the fact that she's Italian who knows how to speak good Japanese while I'm a Malaysian Chinese who is in the process of learning both Italian and much more fluent Japanese...and also the fact that she's a mafia and I'm just a regular person~ |D) so, basically, the reasons that Iratella gives on why she is in love with Dino, is actually my reasons. My reasons on why I love Dino.

(oh damn, I'm having serious problems on being in love with an anime character!!! DX)

But that's how I express more of myself to everyone. I do it through my stories. It's only a matter of whether or not for you readers to actually realize it. XD

So, all in all,

Iratella is me.
Why else would I put Yukino Hayasaka as Iratella's name that she uses while she's still staying in Japan?? XD

Anyhows, so far in the four chapters, Iratella haven't revealed (more like, I haven't written in) the reasons on why would a sweet sweet girl like her would fall for the bad boy Cavallone Decimo. (well, we see a lot of that in a lot of shoujo mangas right? where the girl protagonist, a sweet and naive girl who falls in love with the bad boy in the school~ )
But, I made a lot of twists in the story to make the usual thing into something else that would be much more meaningful to me and to all the readers, not just to give them entertainment, but also to provide them with an insight on what it takes to be with the one you love.
And this will include on a different side of the usual happy-go-lucky and laidback Dino, an unexpectedly kind-hearted Hibari (yes, KIND-HEARTED!! XD) and a surprisingly nice Xanxus~

So, do look forward to the chapter (roughly in another one or two...maybe three more chapters to go before I'll write it) which I will throw in the reasons on why I love Dino. By then, you will then know why this girl here (and I wave my hands frantically~ 8D) is an ultimate Dino fanatic you've ever seen~ <3

A little gallery on the character I love most~ ;)



Ahahahhhh~~ feel free to stab me now~ XD

This is your cosplay/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/yaoi fanatic blogger, Yukino.......


SEE YAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: This post was actually supposed to be posted up on 04 Jan (yesterday), but it's because of my sucky server, it crashed before I got to publish this post~ so, forgive me for the delay~ >.<)

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