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Friday, January 7, 2011

07 Jan 2011: The second venture back into my high school~

||Mood||: Super happy~ though I'm having a little hard time now, got to arrange stuffs and discuss about tomorrow's mini photoshoot with my friends~ >w<  <3

||Currently listening to||:
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> Hoot - SNSD (lol, don't ask me why I'm listening to this~ =w=)
> Double Lariat - Luka Megurine
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> Ready to Fly - Amy Pearson


Hiya, peeps!!!!! XD
Didn't get to blog a couple of days ago coz...well...practically, there's nothing to blog about. I could've posted up another post regarding Dino again, but I'll just get bricked by everyone in the end~ |D

Besides, I just want to keep him all to myself~ XD

*evades flying bricks, katanas, shurikens, gun bullets, etc.....*

Ah, nevermind that....


Let's just move on to my post of the day~ (/^o^)/


Today, JIGSS was having their co-curricular activities registration day. Knowing that this is a (pretty) big day for all JIGSS students, I decided to drop by in school and see how things are going.

Well, Michiru & I, that is~

Michiru reached my house at about 10.45am while I was still having my breakfast. We catch up on what's what while I was still eating~ |D (been a pretty long while since we last saw each other...she didn't came for CF2010, that's why~ =w=)
Went to school by uncle bus (where he began to start yapping about how are we doing and asked us about what are our plans for the future, blablablaaaaaa~~~ *pening*) reached at school by 12:15pm (so damn early before the registration starts~ XD) so we went around the school, lurking here and there like some sort of orang gila or something. (wait...I AM a crazy lunatic person, right? XD)

While we were looking through the notice board (the one near the canteen), we stumbled upon our Sejarah teacher, Pn Sumathe!!!!! <3 Awwww, I miss her~ >w< But I do meet her frequently in the Batu Metropolitan Park~ she goes for a jog there once in a while with her family. Whenever by chance, I'll meet her there~ (well, at least I don't have to go through the trouble of missing her~ XD)

After that, when the bell rings at precisely 12.30pm, all the students (I mean ALL, morning & afternoon session) roamed around the school to register for their desired cocurricular activities. While they do that, Michiru & I roamed across the school from the canteen to the Melati hall, where all the Badan Beruniform societies are. Found taekwondo booth and began to sampat with Pn Sakila.
Then, my work as a former senior of the taekwondo club began.

I didn't tried to recruit anyone like I planned last year, instead I observed the type of people who lined up to sign up for the club, especially the form 1, 2 and 3 juniors. Before I let them sign up their name, this was what I asked them: "Whoa, before you sign up, are you sure you will be 100% dedicated to the club? Are you willing to take all the hardships? Are you sure you will be attending the meetings for EVERY SINGLE TIME?"
For some of them, I see a strong determination and passion towards taekwondo, so I agreed to let them be recruited. Then there was some of those who I see are, obviously, trying to register and obtain Pn Sakila's signature just  for the sake of filling up and being able to pass up the registration form to the form teacher. Agh, I'm totally against those type of people~ >.>

By 1.30pm, there were no more people lining up to register for taekwondo, so we looked through the name list of the people who've registered. For this year, there's only 22 people who signed up for the club. Though we're a bit disappointed with the amount of people (sighs long~~~) but well, looking at the bright side, less people means less work!!! XD We don't have to stress ourselves out to think about all those unnecessary people who doesn't care about attending the meetings~ =3=

And we also picked the new committee members based on who fits the job well. (Orz, it's like, only the day of the registration and yet, we've already set and confirmed all the committee members for this year. If you refer to one of my FB statuses (if you are part of my friends' list, that is~ >w<) I've stated that all the decisions that we've made are final and all changes that are to be made will only be done upon request along with a good reason on why they should be sparred/change their positions.
The reason why ALL US SENIORS and FORMER MEMBERS are the one to set this year's committee members is because we want the club to be at its best state and that everyone is doing the job that they're assigned to do. Based on their personalities, abilities and attitude, we've assigned each position to those who we think are capable of taking up the job and able to complete their responsibilities given to them. And if I see that they are lacking improvement, I will personally take charge and change their positions again.

Well, back on track now.
After the registration, we went to the canteen to savour on the food we miss most~ XD I miss the kuey teow sup while Michiru miss the nasi goreng kampung. So, both of us ordered those respectively.
After eating, we lurked to Mutiara Complex (with my Fujoshi coat on my shoulders~ XD) and back to school again before hitching a ride with uncle bus (again) back home~ |D

Haha, that's about it for the day I went back to high school for the second time this week~XD

Though it was nothing much, but to me, it was still fun! XD
I wanted to camwhore with my friends in school, but then, I was quite busy myself~ ;w;
so...no pics for this post~ ;A;


Just when I thought today was going to be the last day of this week (or probably the next 2 weeks) that I'll out and away from home, I remembered that I have to attend The Star Education Fair tomorrow. Well, it's for my good sake, so I can't afford to miss it~ >.<
A little note to those who've heard of it but have no idea on where it is, here's a little info for ya~

Event: The Star Education Fair 2011
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (all halls)
Time: 11am - 7pm
Date: 8 & 9 January 2011

I'll only be going for the 1st day though, since on Sunday I have something important to do with my family.

Oh, extra note too.

For those who are attending the edu fair tomorrow, keep an eye out for a bunch of Vocaloid cosplayers to be lurking outside in the KLCC garden doing a mini not-so-official photoshoot around 2pm. One of them will be me~ (I'm gonna be Miku, wearing some casual clothes~ XD)
The photoshoot will be called "A Day Out Under the Sun", and those who will be joining me are Fiona (as Rin), her sister Angela (as Luka) & Michiru (gonna play with my brown wig and my Fujoshi coat~ =w=).
 I had the idea of doing the photoshoot only with Michiru & Hanatsu (who then never returned an answer to me on whether she's going with us tomorrow, so she's not going~ ;^;) in the first place, but then Fiona and Angela requested to join us, so I said yes.
Yumizo said that she might be joining us. I've asked her to give me her answer by today, but then I haven't recieved any news from her...so I don't know...is it a yes or a no...
Deathsnow also will be there!!! She'll be attending the fair too, but when I mentioned to her that I'll be having a mini and not so nice photoshoot there, she said that she'll keep an eye out for us~ 8D So I hope to bump into her tomorrow~ >w< <3

To be frank, this is a photoshoot which I've planned in the shortest time span~ >.< so I don't think it'll turn out very nice~ Q_Q because it was supposed to be just a small photoshoot which is supposed to be just for fun only OTL"
But well, no harm in having fun right?
I just hope the rain doesn't ruin our fun~ =3=


Okayz, off to pack my things to bring for tomorrow and hit the sack.

This is your yaoi/KHR/Kuroshitsuji/cosplay fanatic blogger, Yukino....


SEE YAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S: I've just lost 1kg!!! XD Now my body weight is at 57kg~ I gotta reduce it all the way to at least 55kg by the end of this month!! >w< <3)

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